About Infinio

At Infinio, we believe that it’s important to build our company as carefully as our product. We’ve consciously made the right investments to offer a valuable solution and great customer experience at an affordable price.

Infinio brings to market a fundamentally new architecture to solve the problem of data storage performance in virtualized environments. Our team is 100% focused on applying innovation to make life better for virtualization administrators and the users they support.

Based in Cambridge, Mass., the company enjoys strong financial backing from tier-one venture capitalists including Bessemer Venture Partners, Highland Capital Partners, Lightspeed Venture Partners, and Osage University Partners.


Our Story

Infinio began in 2011 when Columbia computer science professor Vishal Misra and his fellow researchers saw the potential for their work in content-based deduplication to solve real-world problems. Vishal enlisted experienced software industry entrepreneurs and top-notch engineers to take the vision forward.

Many of the exciting new technologies emerging in the data storage industry place a heavy burden on IT staffs, requiring them to rip and replace current systems with expensive new alternatives. Infinio has a different approach.

Infinio’s strategy is built on several key observations:

While flash is increasingly being used to offload IOPS, DRAM is an even faster medium

Virtual machines typically display very high levels of data redundancy, requesting the same content frequently across a cluster

There is a real opportunity for an affordable, non-disruptive solution

Infinio’s unique architecture offers the efficiency of a global, content-based system, the flexibility of a content-addressable system with perfect distribution, and fills a gap in the market for an operationally non-disruptive, software-only solution to storage performance problems.

 Visit Infinio at www.infinio.com


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