Enterprise output management and print management problems can impact important business processes. In addition, print problems attract labor cost, increase support workloads, jeopardize compliance, and risk privacy. One industry survey indicated that up to 30% of all business process issues are related to print problems.

We have been providing print software solutions for twenty years and understand these output/print problems can be very complex and unique. Our focus is to listen to our customers, understand their print/business environment in detail, and use our years of experience in enterprise print management to create and deliver superior output management software solutions.

Our print software solutions are based on our Om Plus software suite. We use these products and our consultative services to create our solutions. The OM Plus software suite includes:

* OM Plus DM: For print spooling related solutions. 

* OM Plus MPD: For pull print and mobile print solutions.

* OM Plus i-Sat: For secure cloud based print delivery.

* OM Plus Stats: For user and device based print, copy and scan statistics.

* OM Plus RM: For document archiving and viewing.

* OM Plus FM: For fleet management, toner replenishment, printer assessments, and managed print services.

Visit Plus Technologies at http://www.plustechnologies.com/

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