Why Octiga’s Microsoft Office 365 Security Vulnerability Management Solution?

Octiga helps organizations to achieve continuous and coherent security best practice with an easy and affordable SaaS cloud security solution. Whether you need to secure your organisation, or you are a IT service provider who juggles the security of your clients, Octiga is here to help.

We recognise that the world has changed. We must deliver a way so that business goes on without ignoring the risks any longer.



Why we do this?

Organisations need to focus on their productive business activities and not on securing them. Octiga gives clients and partners the confidence to deliver M365 security outcomes relieving the burden from the full-time security team.  We believed that there was an opportunity to achieve this through our expert knowledge delivered through a simple to use and affordable SaaS automation.

So we did just that. The founders experience in SaaS, Automation and security was the reason we built a simple to use and affordable O365 security solution.



Not a traditional Microsoft Office 365 Security Tool

We have recognised a problem that is going unsolved, which is that M365 is a business critical SaaS solution that cannot risk the gaps that traditional security tools leave. There are many great security features in Microsoft Office 365, however maintaining a coherent security posture, whether you use these tools or not, requires constant attention, diligence, and knowledge.



Octiga ensures that there are no gaps or breaches in your security posture and our SaaS automation ensures it stays that way.

I can do this myself!

You could, maybe, but not in one click and not 24/7 365 days a year. Because it’s not easy and requires knowledge, time and constant attention. Moreover, keeping coherent track of all your security controls, threats and risks is the reason why many organisations simply do not stay on top of it. Not staying on top of it is no longer an option.



Quick and Easy to Onboard and Use

One Click. Octiga delivers seamless and rapid onboarding and integration. No complex downloads or installations. No setup. Just connect the App with your Microsoft 365 Admin account. Done!



Why is it so Easy?

We love Microsoft Office 365 too, but if you’ve spent time securing it you will know that it requires a security team of know-how, resources, knowledge, and time, to keep on top of it.

Have you seen our Dashboard?  That’s it. One place. Done!



Security Posture as a Service

M365 needs to be correctly configured and stay that way in the face of continuous business and employee activity regardless of what security tools you use.  Having a Security Posture Service ensures you get everything in check and monitor everything M365, every day.  It's SaaS because M365 is SaaS, except with Octiga you need no security expertise.



Value for Money

Octiga leverages SaaS automation and economies of scale to deliver our vast M365 security best practices at an incredibly reasonable price.



Why this makes us proud

Because Clients and Partners love it. It has taken a lot of hard work to get here but the feedback has been breathtaking. M365 Security Posture Monitoring is finally the new breach monitoring.



About Octiga

Octiga is an Irish Microsoft Office 365 security automation service born out of Galway, in the beautiful west of Ireland. We love Galway.  It was the European Capital of Culture 2020.  It was also named in the top 10 places to visit in 2020. Home to a vibrant tech hub, Galway flaunts the beautiful Wild Atlantic Way right on its doorstep.

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