ScrewDrivers Essentials - Configuration Overview

This article will cover configuration of ScrewDrivers Essentials which is the entry product of ScrewDrivers 7.


ScrewDrivers Essentials architecture is very simple with no more than 3 components.

  • Licenser Server
  • ScrewDrivers Essentials Server
  • ScrewDrivers Client 

License Server

The license server is the same for all versions of ScrewDrivers and is installed on a Windows Server, and will handle licensing requests from the ScrewDrivers Essentials Server.
Each license server can handle 1 license key per product version. In picture below you can see that 1 single server hosts 2 different license types.

When the license subscription contract is renewed you simply click on the renew button next to your license, and the expiration date will change.

If you need to move your license to a different license server you have to deactivate the license on your server to activate it on the new server.


Essentials Server Configuration

All configuration of ScrewDrivers Essentials is stored in the registry of the server side component, this could be a Terminal Server, Citrix Server, Windows Virtual Desktop or other VDI server that the user is connecting to.

The advantage of this is that there are few things that could go wrong as the registry on the server should be available at all times.

As a disadvantage it means that the settings applied, are applied for all users that have the client component installed and connect to the server.


General Configuration - Server Side

After installing ScrewDrivers Essentials on your session host (RDS/Citrix/VDI etc) you will have ScrewDrivers Endpoint in your start menu.

This will open the configuration for the server component, all settings here are server wide. If you need granularity in your assignment, you should look at ScrewDrivers Pro or Enterprise Edition.

Most settings are self-explanatory but below the image there are some pointers.


General Config - Printer Creation

These settings are similar to what you have in RDS printer creation settings, but it is totally separate. In fact you can run ScrewDrivers side-by-side other solutions.

To not cause confusion for your users, we recommend that you disable other print solutions when using ScrewDrivers.

The "add client´s first x printers option allows for adding a certain number of printers from the client. The printers will be added in alphabetical order, unless override is made on client.

Usually we recommend to use "Add All Client Printers" or "Add Only the Clients default Printer". If you haver printer drivers that you do not wish to add, you can block certain drivers on the denial setting.


General Config - Extended Settings

These settings can usually be left as they are for most configurations but may need some tweaking.

- Set default printer as default is a common setting. If you have network printers added with GPO that is set as default, you need to turn this off to have the network printer as default.

- Allow default printers spoofing. This allows you to have a different default printer in the session than you have locally. The printer that will be default is set on each client, and the server setting allows this feature to be used.

- Recapture default printer. This will check the default printer setting after x seconds, normally this is needed if you have a GPO or script changing the default printer. Or you could be running a other universal print product (Easy Print or Citrix UPD) that will create their printers and set the default printers slower than ScrewDrivers. This will ensure the ScrewDrivers printer to be set as default.

- Monitor default printer. These 3 settings allow for changing default printer or adding/removing printer during a session without having to logout/login again.

- Delete printers on session disconect, add on reconnect. This should normally be enabled, so that printers are added on reconnect from the same or different client.


Printer Configuration - Naming

This is an important part of the configuration for most installations. As the name implies it controls the naming of your users printer in their session.



There are 4 preset configurations available made up by 3 components:

Printer Name = The actual printer name on client

MACHINE = Client Name

SESSION = Session ID

You may also select "custom" and specify your name as you need it to be. This is normally needed if you have an application that will store the printer name between sessions.

Note that Names without "Session" IS SUPPORTED, but you need to be aware that the name needs to be unique on the server.

Usually this means that you will select "Custom" and specify "Printer" - "Machine" or similar. Giving the printer the same name from that specific client at each login (client name should be unique). 

If you need to be able to have printers shared between users (the same printer name for many users) you can look at ScrewDrivers Pro that allows for this using print servers.


Printer Configuration - Extended, Action and Export Options

When using ScrewDrivers printers there are some additional features that can be used when needed. These features can be configured from the following configuration pages.



Print Job Settings 

This allows you to enable the use of Seconf Print Dialog, that is useful if you need to use features that are not detected and presented on the universal printer (As an example stapling).

NOTE The use of Second Print Dialog can also be controlled on the client side, on a per printer basis.

All settings can be enabled on the button to the left, and then preset using the options to the right. The options include:

Deny = Do not use

Force = Enable and do not allow user to change

Suggest = Enable but allow user to change

Print Job Rendering

This should only be used when troubleshooting, print jobs should be printed correctly without changing these settings. 

If you experience output issues, please contact support to look into the cause of the issue so that a fix may be developed.



The Action configuration can be used to run commands at the time of print or export. This can be used for starting workflows.

Most commonly the configuration is hidden for users.



 It is possible to generate a PDF file instead of print out to paper, this file can be saved on server or client side of the connection.

The PDF file is not in a searchable format so depending on your needs it may be better to use a PDF printer made for the purpose.


ScrewDrivers Spool and Print Options

These settings control the print driver "advanced" features that can be seen on the advanced tab for the printer properties.

These settings can usually be left as they are unless directed by support to do otherwise.


ScrewDrivers Denial Settings

General Settings

These settings allow you to control if local and network printers should be created on the session host at login.

Local printers = local ports including TCP/IP printers

Network printers = Printers that print to a \\server\printer port

Drivers Settings

If you do not want to add certain printers to the session, you can deny them here using the name of the driver (not the printer name)


Licensing Configuration

This configuration controls where the session host gets their ScrewDriver license. In this case it is pointing to a license server where the license pool is installed.

It is also possible to have a license that is node locked



When troubleshooting the use of logs may be of need as directed by Tricerat Support, this is where you enable/disable the creation of log files.

NOTE that logging can slow down your server and should not be enabled unless directed by support.


About ScrewDrivers

This will show you what version you have installed on your server

  • Prints to any available local client printer without administrator intervention
  • Virtualizes all standard printing properties on your server using only one printer driver.
  • Dynamic printer creation 
  • Default printer monitoring 
  • triMeta print job format ensuring output fidelity 
  • Customizable printer names 
  • Default printer spoofing 
  • Seamless print streaming and compression 
  • Works with Citrix, Terminal Server, Ericom, 2x, VMware Horizon adn more 
  • Supports VDI printing 
  • Supports Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008/2008 R2, 2012/2012 R2
  • 32 and 64-bit compatibility in any combination
  • Session based printer permissions prevents unauthorised print to other users printers.
  • You can remove all printer drivers from your Citrix and Terminal Servers and only keep ScrewDrivers printer driver.
  • Retains familiar printer names.
  • Increases print speed 
  • Change client default printer and reflect on server without logout 
  • Supports use of different default printer in session than used locally
  • Decreases print bandwidth w/compression, streaming, and bandwidth control 
  • Reduces printer support calls 
  • Boosts productivity and organization by providing seamless printing 
  • Increases server performance and reliability by eliminating print spooler crashes, slow logins

The Transparent Plug n' Play Printing Solution
Provide superior document handling and print performance for your business with triCerat's ScrewDrivers. Bring an end to the hassle and aggravation of managing print drivers. Prevent the printing problems that too often lead to increased support costs and the unnecessary consumption of time and effort due to large, burdensome native print drivers.

Invest in the standalone print management solution that will eliminate user frustration and loss of work hours when all print jobs come to a halt.

ScrewDrivers is engineered for remote corporate Windows application delivery environments. Whether you’re using Terminal Services, virtualized desktops, or XP Remote Desktop, ScrewDrivers ensures the user that the correct printer and printer attributes are ready to handle complex remote printing requests.

Some business printing solutions try to slide by, imitating a lowest-common denominator printer driver. Other solutions use programs that result in an overly complicated management system that confuse rather than clarify remote printing to the user. Along with these complexities, these other print solutions sometimes use various formats such as EMF or PDF to achieve printing. ScrewDrivers can overcome the printing limitations of these other solutions regardless of the application or printer driver.

ScrewDrivers is such a simple plug n’ play solution, you can install it and forget that printer problems ever existed. With configuration and management this simple, you can provide users with problem-free remote desktop printing from any application to any printer, using any printer setting, all while going about your day or doing nothing at all.

Supported Environments: Citrix XenApp (aka Citrix Presentation Server), Citrix XenDesktop, VMware VDI, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Microsoft XP Remote Desktop

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- Skriv ut till valfri lokal skrivare oavsett modell
- Virtualiserar alla standardegenskaper med endast en drivrutin installerad
- TMF formatet är utvecklat för att säkerställa utskriftskvalitet
- Inbyggd typsnittshantering
- Konfigurerbara skrivarnamn
- Dynamisk skapning av skrivare
- Övervakning av standardskrivare
- Komprimering av alla utskrifter, vilket möjliggör utskrift även vid långsammare anslutning
- Fungerar med Terminal Server och Citrixmiljöer samt citrixalternativ såsom Ericom, 2x etc.
- Supporterar Virtuella Desktops
- Stödjer Terminal Server på Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2 (32 och 64 bit), 2012 och 2012 R2
- Stödjer windowsklienter med Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 (32 och 64 bit), Windows 8.1 och Windows 10

- Endast en drivrutin behöver vara installerad på din server
- Behåller användarbekanta skrivarnamn
- Flertal funktioner för standardskrivare
- Minimerar era utskriftsrelaterade supportsamtal
- Ökar användar och administratörers produktivitet
- Förbättrar inloggningsprestandan
- Komprimeringen minskar bandbreddåtgång för utskriftsjobb

Utskriftslösningen som inte märks
Tillhandahåll överlägsen utskriftsprestanda i ditt företag med hjälp av triCerat Screwdrivers. Sätt stopp för tidskrävande drivrutinshantering som så ofta slukar värdefull arbetstid för er supportpersonal och användare, lös problemen innan dom börjar.

Investera i en utskriftslösning som eliminerar användarfrustration och förlorade arbetstimmar som kan uppstå när utskrifter inte fungerar. Screwdrivers är byggd från grunden för företag med fjärrarbetande användare, oavsett om ni använder Terminal Server/Citrix eller virtuella skrivbord säkerställer Screwdrivers att din skrivare är tillgänglig för dig när du behöver den.

Där andra utskriftslösningar försöker komma undan med att använda en lägsta gemensam nämnare mellan skrivare, ger ScrewDrivers full windowsfunktionalitet. Produkten är dessutom mycket enklare att administrera än konkurrenterna. Genom sitt egenutvecklade utskriftsformat TMF kan Screwdrivers säkerställa korrekta utskrifter där konkurrerande produkter misslyckas. TMF är utvecklad för att hantera windowsutskrifter i blandadade miljöer, och fungerar i miljöer där EMF/PDF baserade lösningar inte räcker ända fram.
Genom sin enkelhet kan du installera och sedan glömma bort att du någonsin haft utskriftsproblem, vilket ger er värdefull tid till andra uppgifter. 

Screwdrivers stödjer Citrix XenApp, Citrix XenDesktop, VMware View, MS Remote Desktop Services, Citrix VDI-in-a-box med flera.

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