Rimo3 - Världens första fullt automatiserade migreringsverktyg från SCCM till Intune


Your Apps, Your Workspace, Our Priority

Rimo3 fully automates preproduction compatibility testing, package modernization, and migration of your Windows™ application estate, for operating system upgrades, patch updates, migrations from legacy to cloud workspaces and modern management planes, and ongoing maintenance for evergreen environments. Rimo3 automates the entire modernization process, from migration to maintenance, with intelligent, unattended automation that eliminates the need for scripting, specific expertise, or complex configuration. The cloud native Rimo3 platform integrates with industry leading solutions and uses your unique infrastructure configuration for testing, modernization, and migration.


Automate All Phases of the Journey to Modern

For enterprise Information Technology managers who want to move Windows applications to modern environments and automate mundane packaging and testing tasks, the Rimo3 Cloud platform is an intelligent, scalable, industry leading solution that modernizes Windows package formats and migrates them from legacy to modern workspaces and management planes. Unlike manual processes or legacy approaches, Rimo3 completely automates the application lifecycle process, from discovery, to testing, modernization, and migration, so organizations can simplify and automate migrations and day-to-day workspace maintenance.


Automate the import from SCCM

Storage repositories and management solutions like SCCM can contain decades of out of date and unlabeled packages, including font packs, scripts, and nonapplication executables. Automatically importing your enterprise metadata eliminates the need for custom scripting or wasted IT hours manually moving packages from one environment to another.


Automate the discovery of applications

After import, Rimo3 orchestrates the discovery of your applications, including conditional logic and package customizations captured in the installation instructions to help determine package suitability for migration. This is a critical first step in any pre-migration rationalization phase.


Automate testing of applications for modern workspaces

Once applications are discovered and analyzed, Rimo3 automates the testing phase to determine application readiness against your uniquely configured custom images. Dashboard and detail reports highlight readiness for Windows 10 and Windows 11 target images, and multisession capability.


Automate the assessment of applications for modern package formats

Once applications are discovered and analyzed, Rimo3 automates the testing phase to determine application suitability for modern package formats like MSIX, and VMware App Volumes.


Automate conversion of packages to modern formats

Applications that have been deemed suitable for a modern package format are quickly and consistently captured/ converted automatically, using leading practices and vendor provided/supported tooling. In addition to capture and conversion, the Rimo3 platform will automatically retest the newly created package against your target environment. Automated package creation saves countless IT hours, provides a consistent quality of output, and eliminates the need for internal packaging expertise.


Automate export of applications into modern management planes

Once applications have been discovered, tested, and modernized, Rimo3 provides the ability to automatically export your entire application estate to modern management planes, such as Microsoft Intune, and Nerdio Manager for Enterprise, allowing IT to efficiently manage their modern workspaces across physical, virtual, and cloud based workspace infrastructure.


One Platform, One Price

All functionality of Rimo3 is delivered on our patented, cloud native platform, with a simplified, wizard driven solution. Most enterprises are up and running in under an hour, delivering value and modernization capability to their business-critical workspace infrastructure. Rimo3 has both project and subscription-based pricing, helping you complete one-time migration projects or fully modernize and automate your environment to maintain consistently evergreen workspaces, across Windows and application updates, zero-day patches, and enhancements to modern packaging formats. Rimo3 can be purchased on Azure Marketplace, or through our global network of EUC solution providers and system integrators.


Recover Resources, Improve Security, Maximize User Productivity

Rimo3 provides organizations with the fastest time to value with their migrations to modern workspaces and operating systems. Intelligent automation improves workforce productivity by maintaining evergreen workspace environments and helps protect data and infrastructure against changing threats and risks. Automating management increases efficiencies, provides consistent results, and substantially reduces the cost of IT operations for migrations and ongoing application and workspace administration.



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