Wanova Mirage — In-Place Windows XP to Windows 7 Migraton (Read as PDF)

Standard Windows 7 Migraton
Gartner estimates  that  a  standard Windows 7 migration will  take between 3.5  to 4 hours per PC  resulting  in  the migration of 2-3 PCs per day per technician. Using a migration tool alleviates some work associated with role-based application  installation, but since  the process stll  requires a  full standard  installation of Windows 7,  the migration throughput only increases to approximately 4-6 PCs per day per technician. During this period, the user is unable to do any work on his or her PC.

Centralized, In-place Migration using Wanova Mirage
With Wanova Mirage, Windows 7 migration is fully automated and centrally controlled. Specifically, Wanova transfers the Windows 7 image to the end points and swaps the XP image without requiring IT to touch the end point or use any external boot media. Wanova optimizes image delivery by employing network de-duplicaton and branch caching technologies,  without  requiring  dedicated  proxy  hardware  at  each  branch.  Together  with  being  zero  touch,  this makes  the  soluton  ideal  for  remote  and distributed  employees. Wanova  creates  a back up copy of  the XP  image  in  the data center, which  allows users  to  access  their XP device if the Windows 7 image is missing applications  or  not  fully  operational.  The user downtime is only 30 minutes.

The bottom  line  is that a single technician can concurrently handle 100 migrations per day  for either  local or  remote employees. For  a  5,000  person  organization,  this equates  to  a  $600,000  in  IT  time  cost savings  and  over  $1,000,000  in  user productivity savings.

What else can Wanova Mirage do?
Once PCs are migrated to Windows 7, IT can use the same Mirage solution for a centralized, single-image management o that IT only has to manage, patch and ensure compliance of a single copy of Windows and a single copy of each applicaton – instead of trying to manage thousands of diverse end points.
The  centralizaton  of  the  images  as  part  of  the migration  process  and  the  continuous  synchronization  after  the migraton also provides back-up and recovery of the entire PC  image  including user apps, files, and profiles.   Other benefts of Mirage include hardware refresh and centralized PC breakfix support such as malware repair, applicaton repair and registry issues.

How do we do it?
It’s a new way of managing your desktops. We take a snapshot of your entire desktop and save it in the data center for a complete image backup. Then we synchronize your desktop every hour while you work. This allows us to fix any issue that may arise, from virus  infections, to blue screens of death, by simply restoring your computer back to a known good state without effecting any user data or applications on the desktop. This flexible approach between the Cloud and local desktops allows us to fix most issues within minutes – not days – saving you time and money.

If you are thinking of using OS deployment tools, here is an example of a Windows 7 migration comparing the use of legacy OS deployment tools versus the use of Wanova Mirage. The difference in downtime shown is 4 - 5 hours for the end user versus 30 - 45 minutes!

Windows 7 Migration using Mirage in a nutshell:
-  Migrate a large collecton of Windows XP end points to Windows 7 across a WAN or LAN
-  No loss of user personalization or user fles
-  Zero touch by IT and minimal downtime for end users
- Full backup of the XP image
- Central configuration and monitoring, without requiring dedicated proxy hardware at each branch

ScrewDrivers 4.6.01 has been moved from Release Candidate to Gold.

changes in this release (for a full release history refer to the read me file in the download) (9/9/2011)

  • Fixed - PDF font printing errors
  • Fixed - Port creation sometimes fails preventing printers from being created in the session
  • Fixed - MSTSC errors after disabling the plugin
  • Fixed - Images printing in the wrong location on the page
  • Fixed - PDF header printing errors
  • Fixed - Excel printing outside of cells when pre-render text is turned on
  • Fixed - German translations
  • Fixed - Invalid default printer setting when no client printers are available
  • Fixed - Locally cached queues removed when ScrewDrivers printers are not present
  • Fixed - Windows 2000 Server support
  • Fixed - Session user name query failure
  • Added - Registry option to disable writing of SessionDefaultDevices (4/28/2011)

  • Added - Now available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese
  • Added - Client and server are backwards compatible with previous v4 versions
  • Fixed - Lines missing on output
  • Fixed - Ports getting stuck when users log out
  • Fixed - Memory leak

PHD 5.3 Released




It's Here!
PHD Virtual Backup & Replication v5.3
PHD Virtual is excited to announce general availability of PHD Virtual Backup and Replication v5.3.  Now you can protect data in your VMware and XenServer environments faster and easier than ever before with exciting new features including:

- Virtual Machine Replication
- Faster Performance
- 8 Datastreams per VBA (Enterprise Edition)
- Mass Virtual Machine Restore
- OpenExport and Open Restore
- Optimized Tape Friendly Backup

triCerat Gold Sponsor @ www.XenZone.no


triCerat is a Gold Sponsor of XenZone 2011 (former Citrix User Group Norway)
On June 9-10th we will be presenting triCerat solutions at Thon Hotel Arena in Lillestrøm.

Visit www.xenzone.no for more information.

Citrix acquires Kaviza


During Citrix Summit the announement was made that Kaviza is now part of Citrix Systems. Kaviza VDI-in-a-box has joined the Citrix product line of virtualization solutions, extending the reach even further to SMB organizations across industry segments.

ARJ Distribution will still be distributing the product as before and is able to provide you with pre and post sales support as well as technical training.

If you want to know more or need a demo of Kaviza VDI-in-a-box fell free to contact us on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call +46(0)8 5511 5880

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