This is a general release

Applies to:
All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client, 32 and 64 bit)

Download link:
Please contact us for your copy

Installation notes:
Will upgrade over any previous release.

- Resolve AppV interop issues.
- Fix stack overflow (recursion) in driver.
- Ensure event handles used for synchronization are always closed. Resolves a deadlock.
- Do not allow the Credential Manager to access the VHD when it is rebuilding credentials. Resolves a deadlock.

- Add the ability to include the Skype For Business Global Address List in the O365 Container.
- Introduce FrxContext feature. This adds an “Edit Profile” option to the right-click menu for VHD/VHDX files.
- Add ability to put Outlook into cached mode when O365 Container is successfully attached. This can be used to have Outlook work in online mode if the Container fails to attach for any reason.
- All logging is now enabled by default. This results in easier troubleshooting.
- Add ability to specify what should be included in the O365 Container. For example, the admin can specify that the Outlook data not be included, etc.
- Add the ability to use %clientname% in VHD/X paths and names. This can be used to attach different Containers based on the device being used to access the server.
- Enhancements to Device Based Licensing feature:
- Track assigned/unassigned dates.
- Add minimum assigned time for a device and warn on re-assignment when time is not yet reached.
- Add licensing report.
- Mirror Profile/ODFC status information into HKCU. For example, information previously only available under HKLM\Software\FSLogix\Profiles\Sessions\, is now also under HKCU\Software\FSLogix\Profiles\Session.
- Log an error when service modules are not started correctly.
- Add a timeout when waiting for synchronization event to become available.
- Always start the frxdrvvt.sys communication system. This resolves a problem that can happen with mismatched “RedirectType” settings.
- FrxTray.exe is now installed. Previously, it was just included in the zip file.
- Ensure that session information in the registry is VOLATILE. Resolves a problem when session information is mistakenly imported directly into the registry.
- Change some errors being logged to warnings.
- Handle situations where the deletion of the “local_” folders was not done properly.
- Always redirect credentials folders to the local drive, even when accessing the VHD/VHDX as the computer object.

FSLogix Enables Holstebro Kommune to Save 1,000s of Hours in Profile Remediation and Log-in Time

The Danish kommune of Holstebro implemented a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) strategy using Citrix XenApp and XenDesktop over a decade ago. One of biggest challenges Holstebro Kommune experienced with the VDI environment was user-profle corruption, at least two daily. To address the problem, Holstebro Kommune deployed FSLogix Profle Containers. In addition to eliminating profile corruptions, adding up to as much as 1,000 staff hours annually, FSLogix reduced log-in times for end users from an average of two minutes to 45 seconds—an
equivalent of 17,000 hours annually.

> Recouped as much as 1,000 workhours annually spent remediating profile corruptions
> Eliminated user profile corruptions—average of two per day
> Saves end users circa 17,000 hours annually spent logging into their profles
> Reduced IOPS from 30 to 2--a 15-fold reduction

Read the full Case Study here (PDF)

New release: FSLogix Apps 2.8.1 (2.8.6309.42988)


Applies to:

All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client, 32 and 64 bit)


Download link:

You can download the latest version here 

Installation notes:

Will upgrade over any previous release.



  •  Add support for environment variable based rule assignments
  • Store ODFC variables in HKCU for easy access
  • Add per-session ODFC VHD access mode
  • Deadlock fix
  • Fix issue where Windows would leak memory (tag FSrN)
  • ODFC logging is now on by default
  • Fix IE crashes due to FSLogix Java plugins
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes

ScrewDrivers and Simplify Suite 6.3.0

New Features and Enhancements

Static Windows Authorization mode added for database access.
Simplify Console allows user to configure which products are displayed in the objects pane.
Simplify Lockdown supports application-based assignments.
ScrewDrivers Print Server failover allows multiple, identical print servers to be used in the event
of a print server failure.
Print job reporting now captures these additional statistics of a print job:
o Page count
o Color mode
o Form name
o Number of copies
o Duplex
User Assigned Printer utility now remembers the simple or advanced view settings.
Redesigned ScrewDrivers macOS Citrix Receiver Client that supports auto-update technology.
User-specific runtime code will now respect Simplify Console setting for “Ignore trusted
domains”, resulting in greatly improved performance in environments with many trusted

Improvements and Fixes
Updated language translations of products and installers for English, German, Spanish, French
and Japanese translations.
Numerous product installer fixes.
Simplify Profiles temporary folder uses the Temp folder rather than the Windows\System32
Registry permissions have been reduced to minimum requirements for many programs.
Horizon View PCoIP enhancement for client IP resolution.
Set default printer improvements.
Computer names and other non-Active Directory owners use case insensitive comparisons.
ScrewDrivers print server aborts all in-progress jobs and queries when the service is requested
to stop.
Bug fixes for support of ADMX templates in Simplify Console.
Simplify Desktop initial desktop folder size is now adaptive to the number of shortcuts in the
ScrewDrivers now builds all the clients printers by default for new installations.
Previous ScrewDrivers settings are not over-written when upgrading to a newer version.
Simplify Console print server objects Information tab fixes.
Simplify Printing Advanced Print Feature improvements for driver file dependency.  

New release: FSLogix Apps 2.8.6288.60857

This is a general release.

Applies to:
All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client, 32 and 64 bit)

Download link: 

Installation notes:
Will upgrade over any previous release.


- Introduction of roaming XenApp email search (Win8, WS2k12 and later required)
- Enhanced OneDrive support (Roam entire OneDrive app in ODFC container)
- Fixed long logoff after first ODFC container creation
- Fixed merge of RW sublayer on logoff
- Various logging fixes/enhancements
- Work around interop issue with AppVolumes (Deadlock)
- Support for IE launching JNLP files (Java)
- Fix deadlock
- Change default SID directory matching strings
- Now support Win7/WS2k8r2 and later (Dropped Vista and WS2k8 support)
- Various bug fixes and stability enhancements

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