esXpress 4.0 is now available


As a leader in virtual backup solutions, esXpress continues to provide our clients with all thier data protection needs. In order to meet these ongoing needs, PHDVirtual has added to its already robust engine with release of esXpress 4.0.

With esXpress 4.0, backups can now run up to 20x faster with the addition of the Change Block Tracking (CBT) feature in addition to the very powerful VBA foundation. Take hold and watch your protected, deduplicated backups fly faster than ever by leveraging esXpress's patent pending deduplication and CBT.

Several other enhancements were added to simplify the requirements, add stability and increase the robustness of this proven product in order to meet our clients on going backup needs.

What's New
- esXpress OVFInstaller – Deploy and configure the esXpress appliances using a Windows-based installer.

- CentralGUIRestores – Restore backups directly from the esXpress Management Appliance.

- Change Block tracking – Take advantage of VMware’s Change Tracking API to significantly reduce time and storage space required for backups.

- Stats Updates – DeDupe Appliance Stats page now includes a Trim Report and other tabs to organize the statistics display.

- AddHosts from vCenter – Add hosts directly to the Management Appliance by importing a list of hosts from vCenter.

- Quorum updates – The Management Appliance Quorum now uses SSH by default for host communications. NFS is also still available.

- System Pages– The esXpress appliance web pages each now have a System page which displays useful information about the appliances including hostname, IP addresses, and available space.

- Online Help – Context-sensitive searchable help was added to both appliances and is available by clicking the help button on each page.

- Enhancedproduct support – esXpress now supports VMs with IDE disks and experimentally supports Distributed Switches with Ephemeral Ports (no binding).

- Bugfixes andfunctionality improvements.

To download the latest versions:
Current customers: use the Check for Updates appliance text menu options. If you are not using either appliance, you must install the latest RPM files manually.

New customers should visit PHD Virtual’s web site ( and register to download the latest version of esXpress.

For installation and configuration information, refer to the latest esXpress documentation on the Knowledge Center web site.

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triCerat releases Simplify Suite 5.2.02

Thursday, 25 February 2010 07:21

Includes ScrewDrivers 4.5.1
Significant improvements to image compression
Enhanced image handling options, including downconversion
Option to suggest duplex printing for all printers on a server
Variable support in PDF export name autogeneration
Fixed spooler crash on illegal font names from Adobe
Fixed detection of ICA library on x64 servers
Enhanced processing of line data into polygons
Fixed behavior on null user token on reconnect
Enhanced handling of null brush
Fixed behavior when devmode changes more than once between pages
Enhanced handling of ill-formed fonts when client and server language ID differ

Enhanced creation of redirected file folders
License Console filtering
Fixed value editing of Save/Restore date in triReg
Fixed display of file operations folder in Simplify Console
Fixed console crashes when creating machine registry object
Fixed native drivers network printers not being deleted from database
Fixed Citrix error on session reconnect
Fixed SD4 User Assigned Printers hiding denied printer assignments
Fixed native driver local printer object display error in general fields
Fixed Notification Service errors
Fixed ScrewDrivers Print Server print clustering setup
Fixed TCP port cleanup
Fixed system stop on Windows XP with HKLM settings
Added user registry tracking feature support in Windows Server 2008
Fixed SQL Server 2000 compatibility with DatabaseUpdate
Fixed license server handling of license request during reboot

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