ScrewDrivers 4.5.02 was released today


Tricerat has released their latest version of ScrewDrivers v4, the new version includes many new features and bug fixes. You can downlod the new ersion at

Change History
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (5/17/2010)
 - Fixed - font embedding issue when temp font name collides 
 - Fixed - alpha blending issue 
 - Fixed - trial expired dialog displays twice on Windows XP servers (4/27/2010)
 - Added - enhanced image compression 
 - Added - additional form query for forms that change based on orientation 
 - Added - additional extended options on client 
 - Fixed - misc bugfixes 
 - Fixed - updated handling of ICA client plugin load order 
 - Added - force grayscale 
 - Fixed - per-session default printers for Win7/2008 (1/1/2010)
 - Fixed - removed client bandwidth control in favor of native protocol virtual channel controls (10/9/2009)

PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer

Friday, 07 May 2010 10:24

First Citrix Ready Solution for Virtual Backup and Recovery

PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer is the first backup and recovery solution purpose built for virtualized environments to be certified in the Citrix Ready program.  Using PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer/XenDesktop, customers will enjoy the benefits of

The fastest and most cost effective backup that minimizes storage requirements

The most reliable solution for data integrity with source side deduplication and enhanced self healing backups

And since PHD Virtual’s products will support both XenServer and XenDesktop, customers can leverage the same solution across their virtual environment.


Because PHD is built for use with virtual platforms, it uses virtual appliances and doesn’t compromise hypervisor performance. PHD Virtual Backup is cost effective because there is no additional hardware to deploy or additional software licenses required.

Backups are controlled from within XenCenter, giving end users a highly desired single pane of glass control of their infrastructure.  The PHD Dashboard contains status info about backups. Multiple PHD vApps can be deployed in a Citrix XenServer Resource Pool. 

PHD Dedupe is our patent pending technology which creates pointers to blocks of data used by multiple backups. Compression can be enabled or disabled (such as when used with hardware dedupe storage) PHD’s approach to backup features source-side deduplication and compression which reduces network and target storage requirements.


Change Block Tracking (CBT)

also called Differential Snapshot Tracking will be supported – this significantly reduces backup time by skipping unchanged blocks.  The result reduces the load on the SAN delivering backup data to our vApp.  Where CBT is not available, PHD Virtual Backup will parse all blocks to determine what has changed – this flexible approach uses more SAN I/O but will then deliver reduced I/O to backup storage target preserving the storage benefit.



of data backup is an area that PHD introduced several years ago and this functionality is present in PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer.  In fact, administrators will be able to choose from several modes: Quick V for new data blocks, Full V used before backup and Backup V to scan random blocks after backup.


Parallel Backups

provides the ability to process multiple VMs with multiple virtual disks in parallel processing/multi-threading.  The initial release supports 4 simultaneous backup streams per vApp.


With mission-critical applications moving to the virtual environment, more stringent business continuity concerns come into play. 

For Restoration: PHD Virtual Backup provides assistance whether the restoration is a mistakenly deleted file or the complete loss of a data center facility. The administrator can choose from the following options:

File Level Restoration (FLR) – A key feature that differentiates PHD Virtual from other solutions, FLR allows administrators to extract single or multiple file(s) from block level backup.

Application Level Restoration (ALR) – this level of restoration is not offered in most image level backup products; PHD Virtual will offer it for select applications including Microsoft Exchange which will allow ability to export a mailbox or single email from the block level backup.

VM Level Restoration (VMLR) – enables the restoration of either single disk or complete VM from backup helping administrators to restore an environment from complete loss quickly and efficiently. The vApp will connect to a new virtual disk and restore data to this location – passing from one VM to another – with minimal use of XenServer DOM0 interface.

Export Share – this is the interface to take PHD Virtual Backup data from disk to tape in XenServer native format. It utilizes Date Smart Dynamic Export (DSDE) which allows you to select VMs for export to tape based on when backups were completed and by VM name.

ScrewDrivers v4 case study


The Customer

The Customer
Founded in 2004, Mikkelsen & Pettersen Data AS specializes in providing IT-related solutions for small to mid-sized businesses.  From extensive hardware and software offerings to network installations and hosting services, Mikkelsen & Pettersen covers a broad selection of IT needs that must be delivered accurately and consistently to customers throughout Norway.

One of the predicaments they faced on a daily basis was providing seamless printing capabilities to customers with varying printer models and mixed computing environments.  This repetitious and tricky circumstance was often compounded with the need for remote user printer access, which made things even more complex.

Mikkelsen & Pettersen Data AS had a problem on their hands when over 50% of support calls were printer-related.

In order to live up to their mantra of outstanding customer service, Mikkelsen & Pettersen knew it was imperative that their solutions also ensure reliable printing.  It became clear that an efficient and effective printing solution was needed as quickly as possible.

ScrewDrivers Solves Overwhelming Printer Problems
Upon installation of ScrewDrivers, Mikkelsen & Pettersen Data AS experienced a drastic drop in support calls and revenue increased substantially due to the consequent rise in customer satisfaction.  

ScrewDrivers reduced printer-related problems by 99%.

esXpress 4.0 is now available


As a leader in virtual backup solutions, esXpress continues to provide our clients with all thier data protection needs. In order to meet these ongoing needs, PHDVirtual has added to its already robust engine with release of esXpress 4.0.

With esXpress 4.0, backups can now run up to 20x faster with the addition of the Change Block Tracking (CBT) feature in addition to the very powerful VBA foundation. Take hold and watch your protected, deduplicated backups fly faster than ever by leveraging esXpress's patent pending deduplication and CBT.

Several other enhancements were added to simplify the requirements, add stability and increase the robustness of this proven product in order to meet our clients on going backup needs.

What's New
- esXpress OVFInstaller – Deploy and configure the esXpress appliances using a Windows-based installer.

- CentralGUIRestores – Restore backups directly from the esXpress Management Appliance.

- Change Block tracking – Take advantage of VMware’s Change Tracking API to significantly reduce time and storage space required for backups.

- Stats Updates – DeDupe Appliance Stats page now includes a Trim Report and other tabs to organize the statistics display.

- AddHosts from vCenter – Add hosts directly to the Management Appliance by importing a list of hosts from vCenter.

- Quorum updates – The Management Appliance Quorum now uses SSH by default for host communications. NFS is also still available.

- System Pages– The esXpress appliance web pages each now have a System page which displays useful information about the appliances including hostname, IP addresses, and available space.

- Online Help – Context-sensitive searchable help was added to both appliances and is available by clicking the help button on each page.

- Enhancedproduct support – esXpress now supports VMs with IDE disks and experimentally supports Distributed Switches with Ephemeral Ports (no binding).

- Bugfixes andfunctionality improvements.

To download the latest versions:
Current customers: use the Check for Updates appliance text menu options. If you are not using either appliance, you must install the latest RPM files manually.

New customers should visit PHD Virtual’s web site ( and register to download the latest version of esXpress.

For installation and configuration information, refer to the latest esXpress documentation on the Knowledge Center web site.

ARJ is sponsoring Virtualiseringsdagen 2010 - Event is held by Viridis IT on march 17


ARj Distribution is a proud sponsor of Virtualiseringsdagen 2010 at Radisson Blu in Malmo at Radisson Blu. Visit us in our booth and learn more about how we can help you simplify your environment.
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