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eG Innovations Enables Citrix XenDesktop Customers to Turn on End-to-End Monitoring in 3 Clicks, at Zero Cost

Under the "End-to-End VDI Monitoring-on-Tap" program, XenDesktop customers can try eG's VDI Monitor service free for up to 60 days 

ISELIN, N.J.; Oct. 6, 2010 - eG Innovations, Inc., a global supplier of business service monitoring software for virtual and physical IT infrastructures, today announced that customers of the Citrix XenDesktop® desktop virtualization solution may use eG's VDI MonitorTM monitoring service free for up to 60 days. The new "End-to-End VDI Monitoring-on-Tap" program is designed to introduce XenDesktop enterprise and service provider users to eG's comprehensive VDI monitoring and performance tracking service without cost or obligation. eG is featuring the program at its booth (#505) at Citrix Synergy Berlin, opening today.

"Virtual desktop technology is becoming mainstream and is being used to support mission-critical services in such markets as finance, healthcare, government, legal and education," said Srinivas Ramanathan, founder, president and CEO of eG Innovations. "To be effective replacements for physical desktops, VDI technology must deliver a comparable or superior experience to users. One of the key ways of ensuring this is by monitoring the virtual desktop infrastructure end-to-end, which is what the eG VDI Monitor does."

The End-to-End VDI Monitoring-on-Tap service is free for Citrix XenDesktop customers to use for any 60-day period. Once the setup is completed, customers log in to a web-based monitoring and reporting console hosted in the cloud by eG. During this period, Citrix customers will have free access to metrics, reports and alerts, and will also get up to four hours of free performance consulting services. For a nominal fee, customers can also sign up for an end of trial performance audit report baselining their infrastructure.

After this free service period, customers can choose to continue using the VDI monitoring service by paying a monthly fee or purchase the Citrix Ready certified VDI monitoring software from eG Innovations or one of its channel partners. There is no obligation to continue to use the service after the free trial.

"The End-to-End VDI Monitoring-on-Tap service is a great program that mixes industry-proven monitoring services with a really innovative Cloud delivery model that we feel customers will value," said Garry Olah, vice president of business development and strategic alliances at Citrix Systems, Inc. "The combination of XenDesktop and eG Innovations' unique business service monitoring platform - along with the 60-day trial offer - represents a valuable combination for any company deploying XenDesktop."

eG VDI Monitor Offers Powerful Capabilities
The eG VDI Monitor offers advanced monitoring, diagnosis and reporting that value-adds to the built-in administration and management capabilities built into Citrix XenDesktop 5®. These capabilities include:

A single pane of glass for a complete end-to-end service view : The eG VDI Monitor tracks every layer of every tier of the infrastructure including the virtualization platform, network devices, storage devices, web frontend, database server, profile servers, and Active Directory.
Automatic baselines of KPIs to enable administrators plan VDI rollouts efficiently: Time of day baselines for every tier indicate what the norms for each tier are, and any deviations from the norm are highlighted as proactive alerts to administrators.
•Correlation of performance across silos and layers to pinpoint the root-cause of problems automatically: Accurate diagnosis of problems helps administrators ensure peak service quality and low downtime.
•Deep "inside view" of each virtual desktop: Without requiring agents in each desktop, this unique capability provides details of top applications using resources inside the desktop.
•Track and correlate configuration changes with performance changes: Often a configuration change can result in performance degradation. To handle such situations, the eG VDI Monitor correlates performance changes with configuration changes, so administrators can easily detect and fix such situations.
•Report on users and sessions, not just VMs: Since the workload on a VM depends on who is logged in to it, for monitoring VDI effectively, it is important to monitor and report on users and sessions, not just VMs. The eG VDI Monitor includes includes enterprise-class reporting capabilities. Specialized reports are available for executives and operations staff comparing the performance of every VDI tier, top N reports highlighting peak usage areas, etc.

"Customers will see substantial value from this VDI monitoring service," Ramanathan said. "First, they will have unparalleled visibility into the performance of their XenDesktop infrastructure and can eliminate blind spots. Correlation across tiers will provide administrators with clear pointers to where the root-cause of problems lie. Thus, administrators will be able to rapidly troubleshoot any problems in the infrastructure and take early action to avoid potential problems. They also will be able to generate management reports on the usage and quality of the VDI service. Plus, they will access to usage patterns and trends that will be invaluable for planning future XenDesktop rollouts." According to Ramanathan, turning on the service will be hassle-free. Customers will just need to set up software agents on their critical servers, essentially a two minute task, and then log-in to the hosted monitoring console to start accessing metrics and reports.

For more information on the End-to-End VDI Monitoring service, visit http://www.eginnovations.com/web/egvdimonitorontap.htm

About eG Innovations
eG Innovations, Inc. (www.eginnovations.com) is a global provider of performance monitoring and triage solutions for both virtual and physical IT infrastructures. The company's patented technologies provide proactive monitoring of every layer of every tier in the infrastructure, thereby enabling rapid diagnosis and recovery in enterprise and service provider networks. By ensuring high availability and optimum performance of mission-critical business services, eG Innovations' solutions help enhance customers' competitive positioning, lower operational costs and optimize the performance of their infrastructures.

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Kaviza = Best of VMworld 2010 in Desktop Virtualization

Monday, 06 September 2010 10:10

SAN FRANCISCO -- There is no shortage of vendors presenting new and improved products at VMworld 2010 this week, with 200 entrants vying for Best of VMworld 2010 Awards in eight categories.
The panel of judges for the Best of VMworld 2010 Awards was a mix of industry experts, IT consultants and TechTarget editors. Entrants were scored on innovation, the value provided by the product, performance, reliability and ease of use. Categories included business continuity and data protection, security and virtualization, hardware for virtualization, desktop virtualization, private cloud computing, public/hybrid cloud computing and new technology.

There were 29 products submitted in the Desktop Virtualization category, which also featured two finalists: Wanova Inc. for Wanova Mirage and Virtual Computer Inc. for NxTop.
The Gold winner was Kaviza for Kaviza VDI in-a-box 3.0, because it offers a full virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) environment that IT pros can have up and running in less than an hour.
"It's VDI that anyone can build," said Brian Madden, a desktop virtualization expert, blogger and category judge.

eG Innovations Unveils Sweeping Enhancements to its Business Service Infrastructure Monitoring Software


PHD Virtual Technologies Announces immediate availability of PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer


PHD Virtual Technologies sets a new standard for fast, reliable and cost effective backup of Citrix XenServer Environments

PHD Virtual Technologies Announces immediate availability of PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer

PHILADELPHIA, PA – August 25, 2010 – PHD Virtual Technologies, pioneer and innovator in backup and recovery for virtual machines, announces immediate availability of PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer®. The new backup and recovery solution is purpose-built for the growing number of virtualized XenServer environments and is verified to work with XenServer as part of the Citrix Ready® program.

PHD Virtual provides the ability to back up and restore business-critical information quickly and efficiently, directly within the XenCenter® management console, providing a single pane of glass to manage virtual machine backups. With support for XenServer, XenDesktop® and XenApp™ customers can leverage the same solution across their entire virtual environment.

"PHD Virtual is a value-added XenServer ecosystem partner," said Lou Shipley, Group Vice President and General Manager, XenServer Product Group, Citrix Systems. "The new PHD Virtual Backup for XenServer product provides our joint customers a robust, integrated and scalable backup and recovery solution as they accelerate the virtualization of mission critical applications."

"We are excited about the release of PHD Virtual Backup for Citrix XenServer," said Ryan Spaeth, Senior Engineer, Mason Valley Quicknet. "Our testing of the beta release has demonstrated that we can reduce our backup window and decrease the time it takes to restore virtual machines in our environment. The direct integration with XenCenter gives us a solution that is incredibly easy to use and provides a single location to configure and manage all of our virtual machine backups."

PHD Virtual Backup is recognized as the most scalable backup and recovery solution on the market with the highest performance for virtualized servers. Leveraging the unique VBA™ Architecture, PHD Virtual delivers a robust backup solution that integrates directly into the virtualization infrastructure leveraging virtual appliances for backup and recovery of virtual machines. This unique approach provides a solution that efficiently scales to meet growing demand without the need for dedicated proxy servers, additional hardware or software agents.

"We are seeing growing adoption of XenServer as our customers increasingly virtualize their critical workloads and are excited to extend our award winning backup and recovery technology to the XenServer platform," said Thomas Charlton, Chairman and CEO of PHD Virtual Technologies. "This new product complements our strategy of providing best in class backup and disaster recovery for virtual infrastructure and supports our customers desire to have flexible solutions for heterogeneous hypervisor environments. Feedback from our beta testers has confirmed that our solution is fast, efficient and easy to integrate into their XenServer environments."

Customers can dramatically accelerate reliable backup and recovery of XenServer virtual machines leveraging unique patent pending technologies included in PHD Virtual Backup:

  • TrueDedupe™ Technology – patent pending source-side data deduplication and compression technology dramatically reduces the amount of data stored across multiple virtual machine backups reducing network bandwidth utilization and target storage requirements by up to 90% on average.
  • TrueRestore™ Technology – Provides increased confidence in your ability to restore from backup by verifying data both during the backup and restore processes ensuring data integrity. Self-healing is provided by automatically detecting and repairing corrupt data blocks.

Just Released: VDI-in-a-box 3.0 released with Citrix HDX


Kaviza have launched VDI-in-a-box 3.0 with Citrix HDX  - their first major release since they announced the investment from Citrix in April.  With this release, we extend Kaviza's ease and affordability with the high-definition virtual desktop experience of Citrix HDX (formerly known as ICA) through a special licensing arrangement.

This is significant  because Kaviza now breaks all three major barriers to virtual desktop adoption: cost, complexity, and user experience.

With Version 3.0, you can deploy rich high-definition virtual desktops for a total cost per desktop (including hardware and software) of $260 to $410.  And, you get an immediate return on every desktop - whether you deploy 25 or several hundred.

People are really starting to take note - with awards from Gartner, eWeek, Synergy Best of Show, CRN and Network Products, to headline articles in InfoWorld, ComputerWorld, TheRegister, LANLine Germany, CRN magazine, and features on almost every major virtualization blog site (BrianMadden.com, Virtualization.info, Virtualization Practice, The VirtualizationReview, VDI Smackdown), we are starting to become a known entity.  


try out the free trial of Version 3.0 and tell us what you think!

Key additions include:


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