ScrewDrivers 4.6 Released



triCerat has released ScrewDrivers 4.6, the following have been added or fixed:

Change History



------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (4/28/2011)

- Added - Now available in English, German, French, Spanish, and Japanese

- Added - Client and server are backwards compatible with previous v4 versions

- Fixed - Lines missing on output

- Fixed - Ports getting stuck when users log out

- Fixed - Memory leak (12/14/2010)

- Added - OS X client support

- Fixed - problem with PDF export

- Fixed - output issue with label printer

- Fixed - remote session closing with Windows XP client

- Fixed - image output issues

Tricerat @ BriForum London


Tricerat is sponsoring BriForum in London 10-11 of May 2011.
the 2 day conference will be holheld at the home stadium of the Chelsea Football Club in London.

Kaviza VDI in-a-box 4.1 released


Release Notes for Kaviza VDI in-a-box™ 4.1
Kaviza VDI-in-a-box 4.1 makes it even simpler and faster for IT to provide a personalized end-user experience. End-user customizations such as their backgrounds, bookmarks, application settings, can be saved in profiles that are dynamically loaded for optimal performance. VDI-in-a-box 4.1 bundles Citrix User Profile Manager at no additional charge. Additionally, VDI-in-a-box Version 4.1 now offers HDX Remote Access to enable seamless single sign-on across firewalls to Kaviza desktops using the Citrix Access Gateway. For instance, iPad users can login to their Windows desktops from outside the company without having to first login to the VPN.

The following are key new features of release 4.1
- Citrix User Profile Management (UPM) bundled at no charge
- HDX Remote Access with integration to Citrix Access Gateway 4.6 and 5.0
- Contains the latest HDX module from Citrix
- Ability to pre-specify MAC addresses of dynamically generated virtual desktops
- Support for XenServer 5.6.1
- Enhanced support for static desktops
- Support for secure LDAP(LDAPs)
- Expanded control of desktops from the administration console
- Additional advanced administration functions
- Option to specify a default width and height settings for the virtual desktops
- Option to disable the ability for users to restart desktops
- Additional template management features
- Option to provide a prefix for the generated desktops
- Option to provide the color-depth settings for the generated desktops
- Additional image management features
- Option to control the reinstallation of the driver settings on provisioned desktops
- Option to specify the method used in Windows 7 for MAK and KMS activations
- Additional Kaviza Java Client parameters
- Option to pass the username and password as a parameter
- Option to hide the display of the preference settings

ARJ is sponsoring TUG Sweden


ARJ Distribution is proud to be a sponsor of TUG Sweden (Technical User Group)
ARJ will be present at the Technical User Group where you can meet us and get to know our products. We will also do a Break Out Sessions about Wanova.

A New Centralized Approach to Laptop Management and Continuity

Dr. Issy Ben-Shaul, CTO, Wanova 

The task of managing, supporting and protecting PCs in general, and laptops in particular, has been very challenging, costly and inefficient. 

In particular, laptops are extremely hard to manage since they are often offline, connect over WAN and are prone to loss or physical damage. Yet, for many users their laptop is their lifeline: worker productivity depends on the ability to quickly recover a laptop back to normal operation.

VDI offers a compelling value proposition in terms of manageability and control and works well for LAN tethered, task workers. However, VDI falls short when applied to laptops of distributed and mobile users who need to operate offline or over WAN, with native performance, and maximum flexibility.

Wanova offers a unique architecture that combines the manageability benefits of VDI with the flexibility and user experience needs of laptops users. It

centralizes the desktop images in the data center for management and protection purposes, distributes a cached copy for local execution at the endpoints, and optimizes the synchronization between the cached and primary copies, making the solution optimal for environments with remote or mobile PC users. 

In this presentation we will provide an “under the hood” technical overview of the Wanova architecture, review some of the common use-cases, and demonstrate some of the product capabilities.


Simplify Suite v5.3.02 and ScrewDrivers 4.5.8 ICA Mac Client


Product Update - Simplify Suite v5.3.02 and ScrewDrivers 4.5.8 ICA Mac Client

The newest versions of the Simplify Suite are available for download today. New Features and Fixes include:
•  Japanese language support
•  Detect WiFi connection status at login before attempting DB query
•  "Run Once" and "Run As" options for application launch
•  Improved Simplify Lockdown compatibility with Windows Server 2008 R2
•  ADSI Event Tracing Support
•  Fixed – Simplify Notification service failure during fast sequential logon/logoff
•  Fixed – Drive mapping not properly resolving %username%
•  Fixed – Orphaned temporary fonts on print server

ScrewDrivers 4.5.8 ICA Mac Client
ScrewDrivers 4.5.8 has been released to the web! It includes numerous bug fixes as well as the support of our ScrewDrivers for Mac. The next version of Simplify Printing will also have these updates and is slated for release in short order
(Please note that ScrewDrivers for MAC only works with Citrix ICA connections, and NOT RDP)

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