We are happy to inform you that ARJ Distribution are now distributing AppCURE from SSH2

AppCURE Studio offers time saving tools for all types of Application Transition projects.
If you work with packing and deploying applications you need to take a look at this product, it will save you time and make MSIX work in reality.

-AppCURE will Capture applications from a running instance and package it in a format of your choice such as MSI, MSIX, AppAttach or even App-V.
- Separate application from OS without extra infrastructure, Remove the need for application SILO.
- Convert App-V to MSIX, MSI to MSIX or MSIX to MSI
- Packages an app in minutes instead of hours/days.


  • Save project time with faster application packaging
  • Replace App-V with AppCURE as App-V is going End Of Life
  • Move applications from older Windows version to Windows 10 or Windows 2019
  • Install applications even if the vendor installer may not run on the selected OS
  • Capture a running application and make a application installer from the running instance, this helps if you do not know how to install application or if installation media is lost.
  • Separate application from OS, no more patching of standard images.
  • Remove the need for application SILOS
  • Package and deliver application in the format of your choice, such as MSIX, MSI, AppAttach or App-V
  • Convert App-V to MSIX
  • Use for application migration from P2V, V2V or V2P
  • Make an application portable on a USB stick for example
  • Run multiple application of the same version
  • Simplifies application updates as the OS and app are separate

This is not application layering, this is not conteinerisation this is a modern way of deploying apps using Microsft standard technologies.
Get in touch with us to learn more or view this presentation from the UK WVD User Group

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