New Release: FSLogix Apps 2.9 (2.9.6755.61370)

This is a GENERAL release

Applies to:
All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client 32 and 64 bit)

Installation notes:
Will upgrade over any previous release.

- Full support for Files On Demand feature of OneDrive
- Now redirect the OneDrive temporary cache location (C:\OneDriveTemp) into the Profile and O365 VHD container.
- Fixed an issue where the user logoff would hang
- FSLogix Service (frxsvc.exe) crash fix
- Fix issue where the EULA would keep prompting with OneNote
- Fixed Java redirection when a proxy pack or deployJava.js is used
- Fixed "Full VHD(X) Allocation" setting in ADMX/ADML files

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