FSLogix has release  FSLogix Apps 2.8.8 (2.8.6505.37336) 

Important Summary:

1. If using the newest version of Windows 10 ( Fall Creators Update / version 1709) you need this version or Windows will Blue Screen.


2. If your customer is trying out Search index roaming or has issues with it, this release is a must.

Full Release Notes:


* Fix a new interop blue screen in Windows 10 fall creators release
* Fix a deadlock when unloading VHDs when vhd is unreachable
* Fixed a system crash due when Carbon Black is also installed
* Fix Service crash when Advanced Printer Hiding is enabled
* Ensure root VHD is partitioned and formatted before creating the diff disk (Profiles)
* Handle . and .. directories when a volume root is redirected to the root of another volume
* Fix incorrectly logged error message in search logging
* Show error for bad parameters passed to Frx Validate-key
* Change expiration date output to include locale month and std format
* Add license information to logging headers
* Change Default Minimum number of Days for Device based whitelisting from 0 to 90
* Warn license expiration (days remaining) to event-viewer/frx.exe/log-headers
* Fix issue with Adobe Acrobat Reader - DC Unable to search with protected mode enabled
* Fix Search catalog error corruption
* Fix crash in IE with Java 7
* Detect and cleanup corrupted search databases
* Resolve issue that caused a failure while downloading offline address book in Office 365
* Fix Service crash (OneNote support)


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