New release: FSLogix Apps 2.8.6 (2.8.6436.28200)


Applies to:
All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client, 32 and 64 bit)

Installation notes:
Will upgrade over any previous release.

• Updated ODFC ADMX template with settings for recent configuration enhancements
• Remove persistent session information from the registry on service (frxsvc.exe) start up
• Add synchronization between logon/logout and VHD reattach
• Create missing folders for Profile/Office365 VHDLocations
• Added vhd(x) locking retries to Office365 containers
• Expand variables in RedirXMLSourceFolder setting
• Support expanding %userdomain% variable in configuration settings
• Enhance profile cleanup so that the Start Menu works correctly when switching between profile types
• Roam Office shared computer activation in the ODFC container

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