New release: FSLogix Apps 2.8.5 (2.8.6415.35370)
This is a general release

Applies to:
All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client, 32 and 64 bit)

Installation notes:
Will upgrade over any previous release.

- When using O365 Containers with VHDAccessMode = 3 (per-session VHDs), on logoff remove all per-session VHDs that are not within the number to persist.
- Enhance the logging to include the reason why a per-session VHD (VHDAccessMode = 3) cannot be used. (Sharing violation, etc.)
- Add logging when exceptions occur for better troubleshooting of issues.
- Fix a deadlock that would occur under rare and specific circumstances.
- Fix a buffer overrun issue that would result in a WSearch crash and a FSLogix Search error.
- Serialize the formatting of VHD/Xs. Format errors could occur when VHD/Xs were being formatted in parallel.
- Enhance logging of error conditions when a VHD/X format failed.
- Fix file byte range locking errors. A common manifestation of this issue surfaced as issues with the Chrome browser.
- Fixed a small driver memory leak.
- Fixed a rare deadlock with directory change notifications. Typically seen when LogMeIn and/or WebRoot were also installed.
- Fixed a bug where upgrading to FSLogix 2.7 (and later) would add an invalid product key expiration date.
- Fixed frxtray to respect the "LogDir" setting.
- Implemented Java 9 support.
- Add support for use of %clientname% variable in SID directories and/or VHD/X file names
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