ScrewDrivers and Simplify Suite 6.3.0

New Features and Enhancements

Static Windows Authorization mode added for database access.
Simplify Console allows user to configure which products are displayed in the objects pane.
Simplify Lockdown supports application-based assignments.
ScrewDrivers Print Server failover allows multiple, identical print servers to be used in the event
of a print server failure.
Print job reporting now captures these additional statistics of a print job:
o Page count
o Color mode
o Form name
o Number of copies
o Duplex
User Assigned Printer utility now remembers the simple or advanced view settings.
Redesigned ScrewDrivers macOS Citrix Receiver Client that supports auto-update technology.
User-specific runtime code will now respect Simplify Console setting for “Ignore trusted
domains”, resulting in greatly improved performance in environments with many trusted

Improvements and Fixes
Updated language translations of products and installers for English, German, Spanish, French
and Japanese translations.
Numerous product installer fixes.
Simplify Profiles temporary folder uses the Temp folder rather than the Windows\System32
Registry permissions have been reduced to minimum requirements for many programs.
Horizon View PCoIP enhancement for client IP resolution.
Set default printer improvements.
Computer names and other non-Active Directory owners use case insensitive comparisons.
ScrewDrivers print server aborts all in-progress jobs and queries when the service is requested
to stop.
Bug fixes for support of ADMX templates in Simplify Console.
Simplify Desktop initial desktop folder size is now adaptive to the number of shortcuts in the
ScrewDrivers now builds all the clients printers by default for new installations.
Previous ScrewDrivers settings are not over-written when upgrading to a newer version.
Simplify Console print server objects Information tab fixes.
Simplify Printing Advanced Print Feature improvements for driver file dependency.  

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