New release: FSLogix Apps 2.6.1354.2

FSLogix has announced a new genereal release of the FSLogix APPS product.


• Per User/Group Configuration Settings

• Various changes to reduce the use of .FSL profile directories

• Add support for %osmajor%, %osminor%, %osbuild%, %osservicepack%, and %profileversion% variables

• Enhanced Java version control (now supports more Java invocation methods)

• Enhanced logging

• Re-attach VHD on unexpected disconnect

• Enhanced support for Computer Groups use in Assignment Files

• Updated ADMX/ADML files

• Fix VHD/X format times (2 seconds or less)

• Pause start of Explorer (shell) until O365 Container is fully set up

• Refuse to install on Win7/WS08R2 if Mount Manager deadlock patch is not installed

• Various miscellaneous fixes


You can register for a evaluation version here

For more details please contact us at ARJ Distribution AB 

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