ScrewDrivers and Simplify Suite v6 are LIVE!

After months of careful development, we are very excited to present you with ScrewDrivers and Simplify Suite v6. Our team wanted to deliver the best of the best, including some incredible new features that were built solely from feedback from our greatest inspiration: YOU!


New Features of v6 include:

  • Automatic Client Updates
    Once you install a v6 client, it will always sync its version with the server. When the server is updated, the client is updated upon the next connection to the server. After you install v6 to a client workstation, you never have to worry about updating it again!
  • System Performance Built for Stability
    No matter the size of the environment, ranging from a single server to large enterprises, core improvements were made to enhance performance and maintain stability. One component receiving major updates is the new ScrewDrivers Print Server Agent, which has even better handling of network connections for high-load environments.
  • ScrewDrivers now better utilizes new connection techniques available in Windows Server 2012 and 2016. Using Dynamic Virtual Channels in RDP environments provides greater connection performance and capability.
  • ScrewDrivers continues to deliver enhanced compression methods providing faster print speed and reduced network bandwidth utilization.
  • Advanced Print Features
    Tricerat recently released “Advanced Print Features” functionality in Simplify Printing which allows users to access the native manufacturer user interface to set any option provided by the printer. This new feature is enhanced even more in v6 with better performance and compatibility.
  • Intuitive, User-Friendly Interfaces
    Both administrators and users will see updated control panel user interfaces, making it easier to configure the product exactly how you need it.
  • Simplify Notification Service
    The notification service allows you to create triggers to look for printers to build. This will drastically improve login times for your users!
  • New Licensing Options
    New in v6 is a different license component. This support different license models for both single-instance and license server operation. (Note: all new installs or upgrades to v6 will require a new license code.)


You can test the full-functionality of both ScrewDrivers and Simplify Suite v6 for free for 30 days. If you'd like to learn more or see a demo contact us by phone at +46(0)8 5511 5880 or contact us


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