New release: FSLogix Apps 2.5.1298.1

FSLogix has announced a new genereal release of the FSLogix APPS product.

- Add “FSLogix Office 365 Container for Citrix” support
- Add ADMX template for management via GPO
- Add roaming of Windows Search database for single concurrent user systems (Both to Profile VHDs or Office Container VHDs)
- Add “migrate-vhd” command to frx.exe. Moves the contents of one VHD/X to another while preserving ACLs and properties.
- Add detection of Citrix client IP address for use in Rule Assignments
- Various logging enhancements
- When attempting to create a VHD, the system will check for Write access
- Allows redirection into a FSLogix Profile and across other Junctions
- Can now use Computer Groups in Assignment files
- Fixes for Rule and Rule Assignment compilation when AD is not accessible
- FrxTray enhancements
- Various fixes and enhancements for Java version handling

You can register for a evaluation version here

For more details please contact us at ARJ Distribution AB 

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