New Unitrends Licensing model for Unitrends Enterprise Backup


Since the 1:st of September 2015 Unitrends has introduced a new licensing model for their Unitrends Enterprise Backup (UEB) software.

This will mainly affect new customers but existing customers that choose to do the transition from UVB to UEB will also in some way be affected of this change.

UEB can today (september 2015) protect VMware and Hyper-V environment and support for XenServer is on the way (Late Q4 2015).

The license model has five different levels providing increased functionality


On every level except Free is it possible to install and use File level agents in your VMs for getting a file type backup instead of a snaphot backup. These agents can be used free of charge on all VMs protected by socket license. All levels except free has 24/7 support.

If you need to protect a physical Server you can buy a Server license at the same cost as a socket license.
(It does not matter if the physical server has 2 Sockets it still counts as one server license).

Below is some clarification to the chart above.

Unitrends Free:
Protecting with snapshot based backups unlimited number of VMs up to 1TB protected raw data.

Unitrends Essentials:

Protect up to 10 resources. (Hypervisor Sockets or Server) You an have 4 socket VMware and up to 6 Physical servers in such an environment. You are also free to use as many fileagents you need on your VMs. 

Unitrends Standard
Protect unlimited number of resources. This level adds support for backup of NAS on file level and the possibiity to replicate backup data over a throttled WAN link to secondary location.

Unitrends Enterprise
Protect unlimited number of resources. Adds Exchange, SQL, Oracle,Sharepoint Application aware file agent.

Unitrends Enterprise Plus
Protect unlimited number of resources. Adds support for some models of NDMP NAS. It also adds unlimited ReliableDR recovery assurance. Unitrends ReliableDR is used for doing automated testing of Disaster Recovery and actual be able to prove that a certain it-service is fulfilling its RPO/RTO. 

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