Simplify Printing Case Study - DFDS


The Customer (Read as PDF)
Founded in 1866, Det Forenede Dampskibs-Selskab (DFDS) is northern Europe’s largest integrated shipping and logistics company. With headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark, DFDS has two departments – DFDS Seaways and DFDS
Logistics. DFDS Seaways operates a network of 30 routes with 60 freight and passenger ships, while DFDS Logistics provides freight solutions in Europe. With over 5,000 employees in 20 countries, DFDS is a multibillion-dollar company that
depends heavily on efficient printing of invoices and freight documentation.
The Challenge
With several different printers from various manufacturers in multiple locations, print driver compatibility on the print server was a costly problem. DFDS users suffered from poor printer availability as print servers crashed or stopped
working altogether. Employees could not print shipping invoices or freight documentation for customers, bringing business to a halt.

DFDS put their support team to work, chasing error messages, testing the compatibility of different printer drivers, and creating complex workarounds. However, users were unimpressed with the outcome of these in-house patch-
es. Even after resetting print servers and replacing existing printers, problems continued to effect daily operations. Rather than spending more time on convoluted, ineffective workarounds and unnecessarily spending money on new hardware, it was time to figure out a permanent, affordable solution.

The Solution
After evaluating DFDS’s environment, ARJ Distribution and Axcess A/S recommended triCerat’s Simplify Printing v5. The software was installed on 26 virtual Citrix servers, and within days of implementation their printing environment was stable and able to support all printers.

Based on the resources used in the IT operations department and feedback they received from the shipping docks, triCerat’s Simplify Printing has been a sound investment.

“Without triCerat’s Simplify Printing, daily operations would have continued to take its toll on
our resources on both a financial and productivity level.”

— John Andreasen and Jack Deng, DFDS Citrix Administrators

Customer Specs
• MPLS network connecting about 45 local offices
• Satellite connecting 30 ships
• 5,000 employees
• 300 servers in central datacenter
• 100 local servers
• Support approx. 1,900 users (concurrent approx. 1500)
• Uses VMware on HP Blade servers

The Problem
• Long or lost print jobs
• Print driver incompatibility
• Server crashes
• Lost productivity
• Precious funds wasted

Benefits Delivered
• Eliminated print server crashes
• Seamless printing from any printer
• Improved end user productivity
• Reduced helpdesk costs

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