Plus Tech News Update

Dayton, Ohio, August 14, 2012 – Plus Technologies announces the availability of several new products and features.

Product News

Mobile Web Client: Plus Technologies has developed a Mobile Web Client (MWC) module for its OM Plus Delivery Manager print software. MWC is an interface specifically designed for mobile devices such as smart-phones and I-Pads.

Mobile Printing Solution: Plus Technologies created a Mobile Printing solution that allows users to print emails and attachments to the nearest printer from their email-enabled device. All users have to do is email the document to an OM Plus print queue and release it at the network printer of their choice.

SAP Re-Certification: Plus Technologies has re-certified  OM Plus Delivery Manager for SAP  R3 BC-XOM interface validating the product’s  functionality, and quality.   With the SAP features of OM Plus users will be able to enhance the output function of SAP to confirm print status at the page level, view actual print sttus from within their SAP system, as well as restart, fail-over, load balance, intelligently route jobs and much more.

Secure Print Release: Enhancements have been made to Plus Technologies Secure Print Release. Users are now able to release print jobs at the printer of choice through various methods including Workstation, Mobile Devices, Embedded, and through RFID technology.

Updates to OM Plus Fleet Manager (FM): Plus Technologies has made several updates to their print fleet management software - OM Plus FM. These updates include UI improvements on DDC and customers management, Device Contact and Resolvers' E-Mail fields now support multiple addresses, performance improvements on Asset Export, added IP Address to Asset Export (Export ONLY, it will not be overwritten during import), small display changes on Supplies Screen, added IP Address to Page Volume Report, added Page Volume query, etc.

Recent Customer Activity

Large California School District: Plus Technologies’ printer fleet management software is in use at a large K-12 school district in Southern California. The school district is equipped with approximately 2,200 print devices spread across 50 campuses, which FM is responsible for monitoring. The devices range from standard desktop printers to enterprise MFPs.

Municipal Government in California: Plus Technologies delivered a Print Encryption solution to the municipal government. The solution will enable OM Plus to accept jobs from their software switch and interrogate the jobs, allowing OM Plus to encrypt them with Capella technology and deliver the jobs to the correct printer with confirmation of delivery.

One of the Nation's Leading Brokerages: The investment company added additional licensing to their preexisting OM Plus Delivery Manager agreement.

A Leading American Multinational Manufacturer and Marketer of Home Appliances:
The appliance company, which has been a Plus Technologies customer for some time, recently acquired new licensing for Failover and Load Balancing through the OM Plus Delivery Manager software.

Government of Ontario: The government has acquired additional agents for their application servers. These additional agents enable increased visibility and control to their processes.
Baptist Health: Plus Technologies has integrated their OM Plus DM print delivery software into the health care providers EPIC environment.

One of the Nations Top 10 Largest Health Systems:
The Florida health care provider extended their OM Plus DM licensing to assist in the Lawson ERP Application print process.

Software and Services Company: The multinational company has integrated OM Plus DM into their core application software system to provide print delivery. As part of this program OM Plus DM is being implemented in local governments around the country. 

In Other News

Lexmark Visits Plus Technologies: The Lexmark Solutions Architect team came to visit Plus Technologies at the Dayton, Ohio corporate location to discuss future endeavors.

International Partnership:
Plus Technologies formed a partnership agreement with ARJ Distribution, an IT solutions firm. With this agreement, ARJ Distribution has signed on as a resale channel partner of Plus Technologies’ OM Plus Software.

Usage-Based Licensing: The Usage-Based Licensing has been gaining popularity among Plus Technologies’ customers. In the usage-based model, the customer pays fees based solely on the actual product usage. Product usage is based on the total number of pages printed regardless of the number of users or queues.

New Location: Plus Technologies has moved to a larger facility at 1860 Lyons Road, Dayton, Ohio, 45458.

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