New PHD Virtual Backup Release Adds Value with Faster Backup, Enhanced Recovery Methods and Security Advancements

PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 Delivers an Even Faster, Easier, and More Scalable Backup and Recovery Solution Purpose Built for VMware and Citrix Environments


PHILADELPHIA, PA – Monday, August 27th, 2012 – PHD Virtual Technologies, a pioneer in virtual machine backup and recovery,and innovator ofvirtualization monitoring solutions, announced today the release of PHD Virtual Backup 6.0. This latest version builds on PHD Virtual’s award-winning, patented virtual backup appliance architecture to deliver faster, more flexible and secure backups as well as leveraging even more effective recovery methods.


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PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 features faster backup and replication with optimized performance against any type of storage target, including cloud gateway devices. Customers gain the advantages of application aware backups and encrypted data protectionalong with functionality that helps demonstrate compliance with policies and regulations to pass internal and external security audits.


PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 also incorporates more savvy recovery methods that minimize downtime for even the smallest customers that cannot leverage replication.


“The new PHD Virtual Backup v6.0 release is top notch,” said Christian Schiff of Woodharbor Custom Cabinetry based in Mason City, Iowa. “I can recover a VM in about 3 minutes by running it from my backup storage.  Combined with their new PHD Motion feature, I can move the recovered VM to my production storage 3 times faster than using VMware’s Storage vMotion.” He concluded, “They keep adding great features and somehow keep their product so easy to use.”


“Constant dialogue with our customers has inspired the improvements in PHD Virtual Backup so that it’s easier, faster, and more scalable than ever before for VMware vSphere and Citrix XenServer environments,” said Shawn Brady, Vice President of Sales.  “With the release of PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 we continue to expand our value-added capabilities while keeping our prices very competitive.”


“vRanger was not able to keep up to our needs in our growing environment,” said Calvin Engen of F12 Networks in Edmonton, Alberta, CA. “After an exhaustive review of virtualization backup vendors, I selected PHD Virtual.  Their deduplication is remarkable and saves me a ton on storage, and the new recovery features in v6.0 are so easy to use that I can delegate some of those tasks to others and focus on all the other important things going on in my environment.” He concluded, “PHD Virtual saves me time and money and helps me stay ahead of the pack.”


“This 6.0 release for PHD Virtual Backup 6.0 demonstrates why we are one of the fastest growing companies in our industry,” according to James Legg, CEO of PHD Virtual Technologies.  “We are committed to meeting and exceeding our customer expectations in every way possible to earn their business with super productive, easy to use, affordable solutions.”


Legg noted that PHD Virtual Backup is the only major virtual backup software provider to offer a solution that was specifically designed from the ground up for virtual environments.  “Our virtual backup appliance architecture is unique in the industry,” he explained, “and it provides a powerful springboard to expand our leadership and innovation in helping customers get the most value from their virtual IT environments.”


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About PHD Virtual Technologies

Delivering the highest performance and most scalable cross platform backup and monitoring solutions on the market and pioneer of Virtual Backup Appliances (VBAs), PHD Virtual Technologies has been transforming data protection for virtual IT environments since 2006. Its award-winning data protection solution, PHD Virtual Backup is used today by more than 4,000 enterprises worldwide to achieve unlimited scalability, high availability and cost effective backup and recovery for VMware and Citrix XenServer virtual machines. Its PHD Virtual Monitor provides a complete, end-to-end solution for monitoring virtual, physical and application infrastructures in VMware and Citrix environments.  PHD Virtual also provides a suite of free virtualization utilities to assist with the administration and management of virtualized environments.

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