LAS VEGAS, June 30, 2022 ( - Rimo3, a leading innovator of intelligent, automated, testing solutions for enterprise Windows platforms, today announced support for comprehensive application package migration to Microsoft Intune. This first-in-class solution helps IT organizations maintain critical packaging configuration and installation logic, while testing on a modern OS and converting to a modern application format and migrating packages into Intune.

Since Configuration Manager was introduced by Microsoft nearly 25 years ago, customers have used the solution to store and deliver and manage applications across their end-user devices. During this time, application repositories have been updated with package scripts, custom actions, transforms, updates, and new packages. Organizations moving to modern, cloud-based workspaces are accelerating their move to Intune, to manage and control how all their organization's devices are used, including mobile devices and cloud Desktop as a Service workspaces. Automated migration of legacy SCCM packages to Intune will remove substantial time and labor hours in moving to a modern management platform.

"Migrating your applications to a modern management plane like Intune (MEM) can be quite challenging. It's essentially moving your legacy applications with 20-plus years of customizations and conditional logic, along with technical debt, into a modern framework," said Samit Halvadia, Chief Technology Officer, Rimo3. "With today's announcement, IT can leverage Rimo3's intelligent platform to automate this process quickly and easily, with tested, reliable results."

"The move from Config Manager to Intune has often presented challenges in getting apps across and working. Removing the need for Intune wrappers and/or custom packaging is a fantastic addition to the Rimo3 platform. Now we can modernize client environments resting assured the packages will be tested and functional which means we can unlock the moves to Windows 365, and AVD as well. We are excited to bring this addition to our global partner network," said Ronnie Altit, Chief Executive Officer, Insentra.

Intune is part of Microsoft's Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) suite. Intune integrates with Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) to control who has access and what they can access. It also integrates with Azure Information Protection for data protection. Intune enables people in your organization to be productive on all of their devices while keeping your organization's information protected with the policies you create.

"This powerful addition to Rimo3's robust testing platform now offers a smooth transition from importing packages from Config Manager, along with their customizations, test them on a modern operating system, and modernize them, all prior to publishing into Intune," said Ben Wilcox, Chief Technology Officer of Security and Cloud, ProArch. "We're excited to partner with Rimo3 whose innovative solutions are removing substantial friction in the shift to the cloud."

Support for automated Intune migration is currently available in Technical Preview, with an anticipated General Availability of mid-July. For more information, visit the Rimo3 Intune launch page or the Rimo3 listing on Azure Marketplace.

About Rimo3
Rimo3 provides unattended automation to test application readiness for Windows 10, Windows 11, Windows 365, and Azure Virtual Desktop, as well as identifying MSIX and Multi-session suitability. By leveraging automation to collect application insights, Rimo3 helps IT organizations speed the time to delivery and minimize risk in deploying security updates and other ongoing changes in desktop and server environments, across physical, virtual, and cloud workspaces. Streamline operations, optimize resources, lower costs, and improve end-user productivity. Your apps, your workspace, our priority.

About ProArch
ProArch is a global technology services firm with a strategic focus on delivering trans-formative value. The company leverages an expert delivery team to accelerate its clients' IT and cloud modernization, protect against cyber threats, harness the power of data, and create innovative digital products that drive growth and improve customer satisfaction.

About Insentra 
Insentra is a truly collaborative IT Services Partner delivering a range of specialised Advisory, Professional and Managed Services, transacting exclusively through the IT channel. Our partner-centric business model provides our Partners and their clients with access to technologies, industry expertise and accountable outcomes. 

Our service offerings cover technologies by Microsoft, Citrix, Red Hat, AvePoint, Torsion Information Security, IGEL, Rimo3, Nulia and many more across modern workplace, cloud, collaboration, security, support, migrations and more. We love what we do and are driven by a relentless determination to deliver exceptional service excellence. The combined individual skills, experiences and perspectives of our crew enable us to achieve powerful results for our Partners and their clients. 

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Altaro Office 365 Backup for MSPs with Teams Chat backup

Altaro has recently added features for backup of MS Teams Chat. This new backup plan will allow backup and restore of:

  • E-mail, calendars and contacts within mailboxes
  • Files stored within OneDriver and SharePoint Document Libraries
  • Teams Chat for Users and Groups, including files shared within Microsoft Teams Chats
  • Users Windows PCs and laptops using EndPoint Backup for MSPs

As a MSP you need to select this new plan for existing customers if you want it. As you bring on new customers this new plan will be the only option.

Please reach out to your Account Manager if you have any questions or concerns.


Printer Profiles | ScrewDrivers v7.1

Last year, Tricerat announced three tiers of ScrewDrivers along with the Screwdrivers v7 launch. In January we deployed the most current release of ScrewDrivers v7.1.0 aimed at addressing some bug fixes, performance improvements, and a major new feature - Printer Profiles.

Meet Printer Profiles 

Tricerat is excited to be able to deliver Printer Profiles with release v7.1.0. Profiles gives more flexibility to admins and end-users alike. Admins will now be able to set and manage default printer settings such as color, duplex, etc., at an individual level for their users. Those end-users are then defaulted to those settings but have the ability to select any of the possible printing functions. This empowers end-users, saves admins time, and lowers the amount of support tickets that are submitted. Printer Profiles will have support for Managed Printers and Print Server Printers.

Improvements and Fixes

Though Printer Profiles is the most exciting part of the new release for many, check out some of the other improvements and fixes that come with v7.1.0:

  • Installer improvements and bug fixes.
  • ScrewDrivers Administration, several bug fixes and improvements.
  • Several Advanced Print Feature (APF) improvements.
  • Server side will support rendering improvements of non-Windows Endpoint clients (expected in Q1 2021).
  • ScrewDrivers Scanning improvements for data transfer.
  • ScrewDrivers Scanning Client TWAIN driver bug fixes

Deployment and Platform Changes

For more on the deployment of v7.1.0 and any platform changes please see below:

  • All support for any 32bit OS has been dropped.
  • All support for Desktop OS’s prior to Windows 10 and Server OS’s prior to 2012 R2 have been dropped.
  • .Net 4.8 Must be installed prior to any Version 7 installer. Because it is no longer installed as a Windows Feature it cannot be included directly in our installers as a pre-requisite.
  • All high-permission requirement database actions (create, init and update) for Pro and Enterprise are moved to a separate installer that is run once per environment. This installer is called ScrewDriversDatabase_<version>_x64.exe. The main installer ScrewDriversProOrEnterprise_<version>_x64.exe now only requires basic read and write access to the Tricerat database.
  • Authorization for ScrewDrivers Administration is now built in as a core feature. This feature gets initialized when running the ScrewDrivers Database installer. Initially Domain Admins, Local Admins for the machine where the installer is run and the user running the Database installer will be Super Admins. From there you can give out permissions to other users via the Permissions tab in ScrewDrivers Administration.

If you’d like to read more about Profiles and the entire release notes, please visit our knowledge base.


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New Vendor: Cameyo with a passion for making any app available on any device

ARJ Disitribution are very proud to announce that we have been appointed the new Nordic Distributor for Cameyo.
As the consumerization of IT moves towards hybrid IT there is a clear place for a easy to use remote application enabler for companies of all sizes, Cameyo provies just that. With Cameyos intuitive and easy to use HTML5 based remote access solution it has a clear fit in the Nordic market for companies that need remote access to applications from any device.

Click to see a 5 minute demo of the solution 

Cameyo deployment options includes Managed Cloud, Bring Your Own Cloud, on-prem or a hybrid between these as needed.

If you would like to know more please reach out to your account manager, call the office or use our contact form.

Read more here

Nordic Case Studies

Ur&Penn deploys Cameyo to provide legacy application actions from Chrome Books

Nordward selects Cameyo to transition to Chrome OS


About Cameyo

Our passion is making any app available on any device
Cameyo is a cloud-native Digital Workspace that enables the secure delivery of Windows and internal web applications to any device from the browser without the need for VPNs. By enabling organizations to provide their people with access to the business-critical apps they need to stay productive from anywhere and on any device, Cameyo helps make Remote Work, work. Hundreds of enterprises and organizations utilize Cameyo to deliver Windows and internal web applications to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide.

Visit Cameyo Homepage


The 10ZiG 6148 Series is a performance beast! Stylish, compact, and fanless, this power-user based endpoint kicks things into gear for your high-demand workers with DDR4 RAM (2 x SO-DIMM Slots), up to 8 USB ports, and 4 monitor support at 4K @ 60Hz display resolution.

Equipped with free centralized management via The 10ZiG Manager™, which comes cloud-enabled with unlimited user licenses. Covered by a 3-Year Advance Warranty, technical support, and software upgrades. Also available in a Thin Client device.

All endpoints running on a 10ZiG OS come with our FREE endpoint management software, The 10ZiG Manager™. IT Admins can connect via LAN/WAN or the Cloud and manage large amounts of endpoints remotely, from anywhere in the world.

Read More at the 10ZiG webpage


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