As a valued added distributor ARJ Distribution provides the Nordic market with IT solutions from our office in Stockholm, Sweden. We work with hundreds of resellers of all size and customers in all different business segments. Solutions we sell are best of breed within their market segment as well as easy to install and configure. Our slogan Make IT easy puts words on our vision: IT departments should work more with development than fire fighting on a day to day basis and Make IT easy, for everyone. When you are interested in one of our solutions we can assist with doing demos, help with pre-sales meetings as well as installation and support. If this sounds interesting to you please do not hesitate to contact us so that we can start helping you solve problems before they begin.

The Digital Workspace Ecosystem Alliance is a consortium of technology leaders dedicated to helping organizations enable secure productivity for all of their people – including remote, in-office, and hybrid workers. Together we are committed to providing the vendor-neutral education and resources needed to empower organizations of all sizes to develop the Digital Workspace strategy that makes sense for their business. 


Download the Alliance white paper to learn more about the Digital Workspace technology stack and tips for evaluating solutions.



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