What you need to know about Crossroads StrongBox VM

Customers asked us for the power of StrongBox with the flexibility to run in VM environments, and now they have it.  StrongBox VM is a storage gateway solution that offers all of the power and features of our flagship StrongBox. A virtual machine running on VMWare ESXi servers, StrongBox VM can be set up and running in an hour.  Your customers can quickly create file and object-based shared storage for local and distributed architectures without the requirement of dedicated hardware.

Key Product Capabilities

  • Seamlessly integrates with existing IT infrastructure to create nearline and archive storage with multi-copy data protection, secure replication, and self-healing functionality
  • Installs in less than an hour
  • Intelligently manages file and object storage while saving customers thousands of Euros in hardware purchases and maintenance fees
  • Combines the best of flash, disk, tape, and cloud storage technologies to deliver performance that meets defined quality of service (QoS) levels


FREE 90-Day Trial

We know customers will love the simplicity and usefulness of StrongBox, so we decided to give them a chance to try it out for free, no strings attached!

Ø  Get the VM Trial at https://register.crossroads.com/StrongBoxVMTrial/

Ø  StrongBox VM requires a server running ESXi vSphere v5.5 or 6.0. The VM host system should include the following allocations: 8GB RAM and a minimum 320GB of local disk.


How are Customers using StrongBox VM?

·        Got tape libraries? Add StrongBox VM to existing library and instantly create shared storage for nearline and archive.

·        No local tape? No problem. StrongBox VM can keep active data locally and automatically create copies for off-site storage or the cloud for disaster recovery and data preservation.

·        Looking to simplify multi-site storage management? StrongBox VM provide on-site storage that automatically replicates to a second data center, the cloud, and multi-tenant architectures.


StrongBox VM is available in 3 configurations: Basic, Advanced and Enterprise. Customers can get started with a 90-day FREE trial to experience the simplicity of StrongBox firsthand.

·       StrongBox Basic: no cost for a basic license, but customers must purchase a replication license and maintenance package


If you need further pricing information please: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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