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Unitrends Beats Legacy Backup Solutions, Claims #1 DCIG "Best in Class" Ranking

DCIG is pleased to announce the release of its 2014-15 Virtual Server Backup Software Buyer’s Guide that weights, scores and ranks over 100 features on 26 different backup software solutions from 22 different backup software providers.
This year, Unitrends jumped to the head of the virtual server backup software class, earning this year’s #1 Best-in-Class ranking, leapfrogging competitive offerings such as Veeam Backup and Replication, CommVault Simpana, Symantec NetBackup, and CA Technologies arcserve Backup to claim the top spot.

Unitrends was recognized in the Gartner 2014 Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Backup Software and Integrated Appliances

This distinction is outstanding third party validation of their strategies and solutions - and a great reason for considering Unitrends for your data and information management needs.

We invite you to review the full Gartner Report to see why Unitrends has become a vendor of choice as IT embraces an all-in-one approach to Recovery Assurance.

Please contact us so we can help you answer all questions you might have about Unitrends.

Tricerat Named to CRN's Virtualization 50 List



Editors Highlight the Most Innovative Vendors in the Virtualization Space



Owings Mills, June 12, 2014: Tricerat today announced it has been named to CRN’s 2014 Virtualization 50 list. The annual project highlights channel-friendly companies that have built some of the most innovative virtualization technology available today.

“We are honored to be a part of CRN’s top virtualization list. For over 17 years, we have strived to make IT simple for the IT administrator,” said John Byrne, Tricerat President and CEO.  “Our team has developed some of the best solutions out there, including Simplify Printing TXSimplify MonitoringSimplify Scanning, as well as our traditional products, ScrewDriversSimplify Printing and Simplify Suite.”

Selected by CRN editors, the 2014 CRN Virtualization 50 recognizes the vendors that are addressing a growing market need for the channel with technology that forms the building blocks of today’s virtualization solutions. The list aims to help solution providers identify and evaluate virtualization technology vendors and programs to help grow their businesses.

We’re honored to be a part of the … list. We strive to make the best solutions, as well as our traditional products to help make IT simple.”

“The editorial team at CRN strives to offer its readership consistently unique content to navigate through the growing number of options when it comes to innovative technologies available today, and virtualization is no exception,” said Robert Faletra, CEO, The Channel Company. “As market adoption among virtualization solutions gains momentum, our annual Virtualization 50 list serves as a valuable resource in the purchasing process. We congratulate the winners and look forward to their continued success.” 

The 2014 Virtualization 50 list is featured in the June issue of CRN Magazine and will be featured online at http://www.CRN.com.

Unitrends Enterprise Backup 7.4: The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection

Release 7.4 for Recovery-Series physical appliances and Unitrends Enterprise Backup™ (UEB) will be generally available on later today.  Incredible thanks goes out to the many customers who participated in the beta phases of the release.  And a huge thank you to all of the people within Unitrends – from engineers to support to product management to marketing to sales and many others – who all worked together to make this available.

I’ve written extensively on why I’m absolutely stoked about this release.  I’ve written blog posts including:

In addition, there were some late improvements that were made in the last stages of beta – particularly around some security issues found in a situation in which there is successful penetration of the IT infrastructure firewall in which the physical or virtual appliance resides.

But I’ll bottom-line why I think this is an awesome release – and it is really focused on the contradiction of Unitrends.  We offer physical appliances that range from a few thousand dollars to well over one hundred thousand dollars [all USD.]  We offer software that begins at a few hundred dollars.  This pushes our engineering team because they have to offer features across an enormous span of customers.  The flexibility inherent in what we offer to customers is incredible – and what’s amazing is as our company grows how much more we’re able to offer to our customers.

That’s what gets me out of bed each morning – that ability to have a profound impact on people in IT who are tirelessly working on a whole set of business issues – and want data protection that works with their environment in an agile and adaptable fashion rather than having to change what they do to accommodate backup.

In release 7.4, we’re one step further in the journey that Lexus used to call out as “The relentless pursuit of perfection.”  And that’s awesome.  I love the quote, and the philosophy behind it.  Perfection is ultimately elusive – and yet the journey is what it makes it all worthwhile.

Can you meet your Recovery Time Objectives?

Are you sure?

Come visit Unitrends/PHD Virtual at IT Solutions Expo (2-3 of April) in Gothenburg and find out how we can guarantee your RPOs and RTOs will be met. See you all in booth A04:22.

No need for specific products to protect your applications or virtual infrastructure. Unitrends provides scalable, all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery products. 

PHD Virtual completes the portfolio by offering certified backup for virtual and cloud environments (VMware, Hyper-V et Xen). With ReliableDR™, the only solution that delivers Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware, you can now certify that  VMs will recover as planned and within corresponding SLAs.  

Stop by for a product demo and a chance to win an Ipad mini.


As a PHD Virtual customer with Enterprise license you are also licenses to use Kroll Ontrack PowerControls for Exchange and SharePoint, this gives you the ability to do object level restore of Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Share Point objects.

Recently Kroll on Track7.1 was released and the license file for Kroll has changed. You will not be able to use your 7.0 license for the 7.1 version. You are still entitled to use it without a problem, but you will need to get a new license file.

Please use our support form to request a new license file: http://www.arjdistribution.se/sv/support/open-phd-support-case

Vilka är nyheterna i V-Commander 5.0.3

I februari 2013 skrev Techworld att V-Commander var Imponerande enkelt men man saknade:

  • Stöd för Microsoft Hyper-V
  • Olika betalnivåer beroende på kund
  • Utökade funktioner för chargebackrapportering.

Nu är allt här och lite till!

Läs orginalartikeln hos IDG



Below is a list of the new features in V-Commander 5.0.3

Support for Amazon EC2

This release allows you to integrate your Amazon public cloud environment with your private cloud infrastructure. Through Amazon Web Services (AWS), vCommander™ accesses Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) to allow you to deploy EC2 AMIs (Amazon Machine Images) and manage EC2 instances.

With vCommander, you can create and manage workloads on the virtualization and cloud platform that is best for that workload, using criteria such as price, availability and technology.

vCommander supports a wide range of features with Amazon EC2, including inventory and reporting, change and configuration management, policy automation, cost visibility and chargeback, and self-service and provisioning automation. To save public cloud costs,  vCommander now also supports the ability to schedule a power on/off cycle for VMs (see "Configuring Power Schedules for VMs" for more details).

This release of vCommander is perfect for customers who want to leverage the Amazon public cloud to enhance their existing private cloud capacity. Once you have added AMIs in your EC2 Dashboard, you can add these private AMIs to your vCommander Service Catalog.  Your consumers of IT services can then easily access these services in a hybrid cloud environment. vCommander supports both Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and EC2 Classic.

Note that additional per-VM licensing is required in order to take advantage of the Amazon EC2 capabilities. Please contact ARJ Distribution for more information.

For details on feature support in this initial EC2 release, see "vCommander Features by Managed System Type".

Organizations, Quotas and Self-service Automation

This release offers several improvements in the Cloud Automation and Self Service category:

Multi-tenant organization support
Resource-based and cost-based quotas
Service Portal home page redesign
VM sharing
VM clone requests
Delegation capabilities for organization management and service request approval
Ability to change the size of the base disk for new VMs
Removal of CPU and memory restrictions


Organizations form the basis of the vCommander multi-tenant model. An organization is a group of consumers with a common business purpose. Organizations allow you to:

Isolate data for your consumer groups
Delegate administrative tasks to consumers, providing control from within the organization and lightening the load on the vCommander administrator
set up distinct cloud automation configurations for your consumer groups

Because each organization has distinct service ownership and configuration, organization membership affects what each user sees and what they can do in the Service Portal.

Organizations also provide a way for vCommander users to log into the Service Portal: just add the vCommander user to an organization. This can be helpful when you're making configuration changes that you want to test in the Service Portal.

See "Creating Organizations for vCommander™ Multi-tenancy" to learn more.


Quotas allow you to set a limit on the compute resources granted to an organization so that you can assign available resources to your consumer groups based on their business requirements. You can configure:

resource-based quotas, which allow you to limit the number of vCPUs, the amount of RAM and the amount of storage
cost-based quotas, which allow you to limit the total daily cost of VMs


You can set quotas for organizations and, optionally, for individual members. Member quotas allow to you set limits based on users' individual needs.

Once you assign quotas, you can use them to determine whether a service request can be approved. For example, you may want any service request that exceeds an organization's quota to be rejected automatically. Or, you may want a second level of approval for requests that will exceed quota. To set up an approval process, you configure an approval workflow for new service requests and service change requests.

Service Portal users can see their individual quota, as well as their organization's quota, on their home page:


Members see warnings when they've exceeded their quota and when submitting a service request that will exceed their available quota. See "Setting Quotas for vCommander™ Multi-tenancy" to learn more.

Delegating Organization Management

Organization management can be delegated to those responsible for managing an individual organization. Organization managers can add and remove organization members and manage member quota in the Service Portal.

Service Portal Home Page Redesign

The Service Portal home page has a new look:


Users now see saved searches, service request status, resource and performance information, and cost details immediately upon login. You control what information users see: if a user does not have permission to see costs, for example, the Costs pane will not appear on their home page. Users can also choose the four saved searches to display on the home page. 

VM Sharing

vCommander and Service Portal users can share exact copies of their VMs with other users and groups. Service Portal users can also share VMs with their organization. If a tester has reproduced a bug discovered during testing, for example, they can share the exact VM configuration  with a developer, speeding up the bug fixing process. Note that VM sharing is supported only for vCenter VMs. 

Request a VM Clone

Service Portal users can request a clone of one of their VMs. Their request goes through the same approval process as other service requests. Note that VM clone requests are not supported for Amazon EC2 VMs. See "Requesting a VM Clone" to learn more.

Approve Service Requests Right in vCommander and the Service Portal

In previous releases, the only way to approve service requests was to click a link in an approval email. Now, vCommander and Service Portal users with the required permissions can view a list of service requests awaiting their approval and approve those requests right in the vCommander console or the Service Portal. 

Change the Size of the Base Disk for New VMs

In previous releases, users needing a larger base disk had to submit a change request after the new VM was deployed. Users can now choose a base disk size different from the source template when requesting a new VM. Administrators can also adjust the size of the base disk when manually deploying new VMs. To enable this feature for new service requests, edit the Storage  element on your New Service Request forms:


Note that this feature is supported for vCenter VMs only.

CPU and Memory Restrictions Removed

We've removed the CPU and memory restrictions in vCommander and the Service Portal, so that administrators can now specify maximum values that make sense in their environments. You can now specify a comma-separated list of any values for the CPU Count form element on request forms, and the Memory form element no longer has a maximum allowable value. Likewise, the maximum values have been removed from the Reconfigure Resources dialog, the Fulfill Request dialog, and the Resources page of the manual deployment wizards.

Fenced Network Support

You can now deploy multiple isolated copies of services from the Service Catalog without IP or MAC address conflicts. This means that you can replicate an entire environment without impacting production services.

When creating a Service Catalog entry, administrators can specify that the service components should be deployed as part of a fenced network. vCommander takes care of the underlying router configuration, so that the process is completely transparent to the Service Portal users consuming the service.

See "Network Fencing" to learn more.

Performance and Resource Optimization 

New features in the Performance and Resource Optimization category include:

VM rightsizing recommendations
integration with Splunk to gather guest OS performance data and provide more accurate rightsizing recommendations
automatic power on/off scheduling for VMs
performance metrics for Microsoft Hyper-V
vCommander data optimization

VM Rightsizing Recommendations

Rightsizing recommendations help both vCommander and Service Portal users optimize VM cost and performance. Rightsizing means ensuring that all VMs in your virtualized infrastructure are allocated the correct resources for their workload, with the goal of minimizing cost and maximizing performance.

Using VM data from the hypervisor, vCommander issues CPU and memory rightsizing recommendations for VMs.

Once you've reviewed a recommendation, either from the VM summary page or from the full list of recommendations for your virtual infrastructure, you can apply it immediately, submit a change request, or schedule it for later. You may decide to ignore certain recommendations. You may also decide that you don't want to consider rightsizing recommendations for particular VMs. The parameters that vCommander uses to make its rightsizing recommendations are also fully configurable.



Get Guest OS Performance Data from Splunk

This release introduces the ability to integrate with Splunk in order to gather Windows guest OS performance monitoring data. Combining Windows guest OS performance data with VM performance metrics from the hypervisor allows vCommander to provide more accurate rightsizing recommendations for your virtualized infrastructure.


Automatically Power Your VMs On and Off

You can automatically power VMs on and off at specified times using power schedules. Power schedules are especially useful for the public cloud, where you pay more when VMs are running. Once a vCommander administrator has configured one or more power schedules, Service Portal users can assign schedules to their VMs. Administrators can also create a policy to automatically set the power schedule for new VMs. 

Performance Metrics for Microsoft Hyper-V

You can now view performance metrics, such as CPU, memory and disk usage, for VMs in SCVMM managed systems.



vCommander Data Optimization

Several data management improvements have been introduced to increase overall system scalability and performance for environments of all sizes. vCommander initialization and managed system connection times have been improved. Additionally, the Events listgrid now defaults to display the last 30 days, with the complete history available to users via Search.

Finally, enhanced database management capabilities have been added to allow for greater control over retention rates for specific data types. Database purges can now be scheduled, and a default schedule is created on new installs to purge Events and Tasks records older than one year. Embotics recommends that upgrading customers implement the same schedule.

Reporting and Analytics

In this release, we've introduced:

a new VM Comparative Economics report, in the Chargeback and IT Costing category
a new Service Fulfillment report, in the Lifecycle Management category

New VM Comparative Economics Report

The VM Comparative Economics Report allows you to assess the cost-effectiveness of:

moving VMs to another hypervisor
moving VMs to Amazon EC2
applying rightsizing recommendations

Here's a sample report showing that migration from VMware to Hyper-V is recommended:


This sample report shows that applying current rightsizing recommendations would be cost-effective:


The Projected table provides details on rightsizing recommendations:


New Service Fulfillment Report

We've added a new report in the Lifecycle Management category: the Service Fulfillment Report. This report tracks service request status and fulfillment. It can help you determine whether you're meeting service delivery levels and taking full advantage of self-service automation.




Role-based Access Control

In the Role-based Access Control category, this release introduces new Service Portal roles and easier role customization:

New permissions to delegate for organization management and service request approval
related Service Portal permissions are grouped
some permissions have been renamed for clarity


See "Customizing Service Portal Roles for End Users" to learn more.

Tired of your current backup vendor? Want one solution for Virtual and Physical? Take a look at Unitrends!

ARJ Distribution are now distributing Unitrends software and hardware based backup solutions. Protection of more than 100 Operating Systems and platforms including VMware, Hyper-V, Novell Netware, Linux, MaxOSX, MS Exchange, MS SQL, Novell Group Wise and more..


One solution. Three options. Total protection.

No need to stitch together hardware and software solutions. No need for specific products to protect your applications or virtual infrastructure. One family of scalable, all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery products. Focus on your business, not your backup.


Unified Data Protection™ in a single hardware appliance - backup, archiving and disaster recovery. Unitrends Recovery-Series appliances give you unparalleled scalability, at the lowest cost in the industry - shrink-wrapped data protection for your heterogeneous environment.

Learn More


A powerful all-inclusive software-only solution, Unitrends Enterprise Backup™, available as a virtual appliance for Microsoft Hyper-V and VMware vSphere. Free yourself from having two+ products to protect your virtual and physical infrastructure and extend that protection to the cloud. 

Learn More


True disaster recovery of entire premises from an off-site disaster recovery location.  Leverage your own private cloud via our appliances or a public cloud disater recoveryscenario via our Unitrends Cloud service.

Contact ARJ Distribution to Learn More

Unitrends Acquires PHD Virtual; Builds Powerhouse in Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Published Date: 

Monday, December 16, 2013

Unitrends Acquires PHD Virtual; Builds Powerhouse in Data Protection and Disaster Recovery

Insight Venture Partners' portfolio companies join forces to create data protection platform ideally suited for small and mid-market organizations

COLUMBIA, S.C., December 16, 2013 – Unitrends, the leading provider of all-in-one backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery solutions, today announced that it has signed an agreement to acquire  PHD Virtual Technologies, an innovator of virtual backup and disaster recovery assurance solutions. Both companies have primary investments from Insight Venture Partners, a leading global private equity and venture capital firm. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Click to Tweet: @Unitrends acquires @PHDVirtual; builds #dataprotection and #disasterrecovery powerhouse for SMBs http://ctt.ec/Z6P14+ #BackupBetter

This acquisition will give Unitrends the ability to leverage PHD Virtual's proven technology platform and data protection products, which are perfectly suited to meet the unique demands of small and medium-size businesses (SMBs/SMEs). Combined, Unitrends and PHD Virtual serve more than 10,000 customers worldwide and have more than 8,000 global channel partner representatives. With data protection solutions for physical, virtual and cloud environments and the freedom to choose a deployment model (appliance, software or cloud), Unitrends' enhanced product portfolio provides customers with a more affordable and easier-to-use array of data protection solutions.

"The small and mid-size companies that power today's economy have significant data protection and disaster recovery needs that have largely gone unmet," said Mike Coney, president and CEO of Unitrends. "Unitrends and PHD Virtual, both of whom have built their businesses serving this broad market and understand its unique requirements, will join forces to develop a platform that offers the most robust data protection and disaster recovery solutions available on the market today. PHD Virtual's unique disaster recovery product, ReliableDR, combined with Unitrends' cutting-edge virtual and physical instant recovery technologies, will be an excellent accelerator for our growth strategy in this market."

"The worlds of data protection and disaster recovery are merging and the combination of Unitrends and PHD Virtual is a real game-changer," said James Legg, president and CEO, PHD Virtual. "Our combined product portfolio is a one-stop shop for SMBs, with solutions spanning backup, replication and disaster recovery. Our customers will benefit from Unitrends' excellent product capabilities, such as support for physical, virtual and cloud environments, as well as the company's industry expertise and global footprint."

"Both Unitrends and PHD Virtual have proven track records with their powerful, cost-effective and easy-to-use data protection products," said Mike Triplett, managing director at Insight Venture Partners. "Given their success to date, we believe this merger will position the combined entity for accelerated growth with a broader offering that will serve the SMB/SME market extremely well."

About PHD Virtual Technologies

PHD Virtual provides the best value in data protection and recovery assurance for virtual and cloud environments. More than 6,500 customersworldwide rely on its solutions that reduce the risks and costs of recovery, are easier to use and far more affordable than competitive alternatives. PHD Virtual has been transforming data protection and recovery assurance since 2006. For more information, please visit:http://www.phdvirtual.com/

About Unitrends

The trusted provider of all-in-one backup solutions, Unitrends enables its customers to focus on their business instead of backup. The company's family of scalable, all-in-one appliances and software solutions for backup, archiving, instant recovery and disaster recovery protects corporate data, over 100 different versions of servers, operating systems (including Windows, Hyper-V, VMware, Mac OS, Linux, AIX, Solaris and many others), SAN, NAS, hypervisors (including Hyper-V and VMware) and applications (including Exchange, SQL, Oracle and many others).  Unitrends is the preferred choice of IT professionals because the company sets the standard in virtual, physical and cloud server data protection with instant recovery that enables complete system recovery in less than five minutes while Unitrends' pricing offers the lowest TCO in the industry. Unitrends' regionally-based support team boasts a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Visit http://www.unitrends.com.

Media Contact:
Jackie Gerbus for Unitrends, Inc.
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