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deviceTRUST 18.1 released

We are very proud and excited to release our new deviceTRUST version 18.1. This release includes many new features and capabilities that give our customers even more ways to increase and simplify their context-based security and user experience. 

More and more companies are planning to use cloud providers for the provision of a Desktop-as-a-Service. For this reason deviceTRUST now supports Amazon WorkSpaces with all product features and functions. This gives today’s customers the future security for tomorrow's technologies.

Our deviceTRUST Client for Windows has been significantly simplified and can now be installed for the user via a download link with just a few clicks. In addition, the client now includes an auto-update function that can be controlled centrally by corporate policy. This does not require any further user interaction. 

The transmission of device properties within the deviceTRUST protocol is now additionally encrypted end-to-end to further increase data security, providing an additional layer on top of the security provided by the underlying remoting protocols.

Contextual Group Policies within the virtual session can be set based on the context of the endpoint. For example, the screen saver settings within the virtual session can be defined based on the settings of the screen saver on the endpoint on Logon, Reconnect and during session runtime.

More detailed information can be found on our website.

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