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This is a LONG TERM SERVICE (LTS) release

Applies to:

All supported Windows OS versions (Windows 7 and later, Server and Client 32 and 64 bit)

Installation notes:
Will upgrade over any previous release.

• Attempting to use FSLogix Single-User Search Roaming (Type 1) with Citrix Application Layering results in an error. This issue occurs because Citrix Application Layering does not allow renaming of certain files and folders. FSLogix changed their agent to not require renaming of any folders or files in order for Search Roaming to work.
• Improved handling of index corruption when using multi-user search roaming
• Fixed an issue where Office Activation would sometimes fail when using FSLogix Office 365 Containers

FSLogix Policy for Long Term Service Release (LTSR) 3/9/2018

FSLogix provides a Long-Term Service Release (LTSR) for customers who desire:

· Guaranteed release cycles

· Field tested functionality

· Release timelines providing significant IT Staging time

FSLogix will release an LTSR no more than 12 months following the previous LTSR. All LTSRs will be supported for 18 months. This release cadence will allow organizations up to 6 months to stage and validate a release if desired.

LTSRs will be updated with defect and/or security fixes that are deemed critical. Customers in good standing, utilizing the LTSR, will be entitled to critical LTSR updates for the products that they are licensed for.

FSLogix LTSRs will be identified with a version ID ending in LTSR, e.g. 1.111.111.LTSR

LTSRs must be used in their entirety, all products and components associated with the LTSR must be installed and may not be mixed with newer or older products or components.

When Long Term Service Releases, or similar, are available for underlying or associated technologies, FSLogix assumes that those releases are being utilized in association with the FSLogix LTSR.

For any questions concerning FSLogix LTSR Policy, please contact your Account Representative.

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