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Altaro VM Backup v7.6 Out Now!

What you can expect in Altaro VM Backup v7.6:

1. Continuous Data Protection (CDP) – Users can switch from running daily backups to a continuous data protection model yielding an improved Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of up to 5 minutes.

When CDP is enabled, VMs can be backed up as frequently as every 5 minutes. This ensures that, should a data loss scenario occur, only a few minutes of data are lost.

IMP: CDP is only available to customers with an active renewal (SMA) who have the "Unlimited Plus" edition of Altaro VM Backup. It is currently available for Hyper-V; and will soon be available for VMware.

2. Grandfather-Father-Son Archiving (GFS) for Local Backups - Users can choose to archive local backup versions in addition to their continuous and daily backups instead of deleting them. Now users can easily set up three separate backup cycles to store three new backup versions every week, every month and every year.

IMP: GFS is available for all customers on Unlimited and Unlimited Plus Editions of Altaro VM Backup. 

Altaro VM Backup Upgrading, Pricing, Licensing and SMA

For customers who have a valid SMA, upgrading to v7.6 is free and the same license key can be used. Customers must first uninstall their current version of Altaro VM Backup, then download and run the new 7.6 installer. All settings will be retained and no backups will be lost in the transition.

Altaro Cloud Management Console (CMC) users can deploy the upgrade as usual; this will be made available a few days after the release date.


More Information about Altaro VM Backup v7.6

You can find more information about what is new here

We’ve also got a few webinars coming up that will take you through what’s new in this release and answer any questions you may have.

The dates are still to be set but they will be listed here once they are set.


If you are in need of any additional inforamtion pleas reach out to us at ARJ Distribution AB and we will help you out.


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