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ARJ Distribution distribuerar nu appCURE från SSH2 - Produkten får MSIX att fungera i praktiken

appCURE Studio ger er ett verktyg för att snabbare och enkare paketera era applikationer. Det går supersnabbt att paketera även komplexa applikationspaket och distribuera dessa med önskvärd metod.

Genom att skanna en redan exekverad applikation så fångas alla element av appCureCapture, det som kommer ut från detta paketeras sedan till ett färdigt paket.

Fördelar med appCURE

  • Spara tid i era migreringsprojekt genom snabbare paketering av applikationer.
  • Ersätt App-V med AppCURE ( App-V är End Of Life och supporteras för de med Extended Support tom 2026)
  • Flytta applikation från äldre miljö till Windows 2010 eller Windows Server 2019
  • Installera applikation även när leverantörens installationsfil inte fungerar
  • Paketera Appar utan extra infrastruktur (tex app-V behöver extra servrar)
  • Ta bort behovet av Applikationssilos
  • Separera applikationen från OS
  • Paketera applikationen även om installationsfilen saknas
  • Paketera och leverera applikation i valfri from, såsom MSIX, MSI, AppAttach eller App-V
  • Konvertera App-V paket till MSIX
  • P2V, V2V, V2P
  • Gör en applikation portabel på tex ett USB minne
  • Kryptera installationspaket
  • Kör flera versioner av samma applikation samtidigt
  • Förenklar applikationsuppdatering, då OS och applikation är åtskilda.

Inspelad Presentation

Denna presentation pratar om produktens alla delar och om varför man ska ha den, den riktar sig mot WVD men det fungera i all typ av windowsmiljö.



Presentation och testversion

Om ni önskar en presentation/testlicens för ert företag så ta kontakt med oss på ARJ Distribution AB så ser vi till att ordna detta.


Great News for admins running Citrix Workspace or VMware Horizon. Free logon simulator from eG Innovations

You can just sign up for it on the link below and use it forever, no hidden fees etc.


- Simulates the exact same process that users go through when they logon to XenApp or XenDesktop

- Tracks every step of the Citrix logon process: browser access, authentication, enumeration, HDX session establishment, and application launch

- Detects logon issues proactively and helps solve them before users are affected

- Monitors the availability of published applications, such as Cerner, Epic, SAP, Outlook, Office 365, etc.

- Tests if the entire Citrix delivery infrastructure is working in concert

#vdi #citrix #vmware #citrixworkspace #vmwarehorizon #channelpartners #enduserexperience #arjdistribution #eginnovations


Read more here and sign up

Tricerat releases v7 of their printing products

Tricerat has released their ScrewDrivers v7 with many improvements and exciting new features.

The first to get your head around are the introduction of tiers, say welcome to the ScrewDrivers family made up by Essentials, Pro and Enterprise.

Historically you had ScrewDrivers, Simplify Printing, Simplify Scanning, Simplify Driver Management etc there are now only ScrewDrivers Essential, Pro or Enterprise.

You can read more about this here

New Product: Altaro EndPoint Backup for MSPs

Altaro has just released their EndPoint Backup for MSPs.

This allows you as a MSP to backup Windows Desktop and Laptop computers in a easy and cost effective way. 

All you need to do is to install the Altaro EndPoint Manager server and then setup a Azure Storage Account for storing your backups.

You can then manage all customters EndPoint Backup from the Altaro CMC webbased multi-tenant administration interface.

Visit Altaro webpage to learn more

10ZiG® Technology Established as Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop Integrated Partner Provider

PHOENIX, ARIZONA – Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop, a comprehensive desktop and app virtualization service running in the cloud, is now partnering with 10ZiG Technology Thin & Zero Clients. Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop provides the only multi-session Windows 10 experience for desktop virtualization, making it a complementary fit with 10ZiG Thin & Zero Client hardware endpoints and The 10ZiG Manager™ for a seamless desktop experience in the cloud.

Read More

10ZiG to Demo BCR via Experimental CER Feature in Citrix Workspace App on Linux-Based Thin Client at Citrix Summit

ORLANDO, FLORIDA – 10ZiG Technology® is conducting live demonstrations of the Citrix Workspace App’s Browser Content Redirection (BCR) using Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF), displaying its performance improvements, on 10ZiG Linux-Based Thin Clients at Citrix Summit booth #502. In the recent release of Citrix Workspace App for Linux Version 1912, Citrix added support to BCR utilizing the experimental CEF-based engine. This enriches the experience on Thin Clients, as it helps to offload network usage, client-side processing, and graphics rendering directly to the endpoint.

Read Full Press Release here

10ZiG Cutting-Edge Thin & Zero Client Series with Optional Port-on-Foot and Dual DisplayPort 4K at 60Hz Premiering Today at Citrix Summit


ORLANDO, FLORIDA – 10ZiG Technology® is debuting its new, cutting-edge 6000q Thin & Zero Client Series endpoints featuring Dual DisplayPort 4K at 60Hz, optional Port-on-Foot for extended configuration, and optional fiber at Citrix Summit/Orlando today. This workhorse of a Client gets the job done with exceptional power, speed, and performance, along with an array of connectivity in a power-class small form factor. The 10ZiG 6000q Series (Thin Client) and 6048q Series (Zero Client) is available with PeakOS™ (Linux), Windows 10 IoT, and NOS™ (Zero) supporting VMware, Citrix, and Microsoft – Blast Extreme, PCoIP, HDX, RDP, Amazon WorkSpaces, and more.

Read full Press Release here


Release Notes - 6.10: Mobile Printing!

Mobile Printing Is Now In Our Most Popular Product


Tricerat has been dedicated to printing for over 20 years, and by harnessing that expertise, we continue to improve and expand upon our product lineup. We've been working on perfecting our mobile printing technology since before our customers were even convinced they would need it. After supporting it for years as a singular solution, we've taken the next step to include it on our most popular product. The reality is BYOD isn’t new, but companies haven’t been able to catch up to mobile from  a management standpoint. Tricerat is now changing the game by bundling mobile printing directly into our most popular product, Simplify Printing.


The core mobile printing functionality included and supported is:

  • Android printing to print server printers from any app that supports printing
  • iOS printing to print server printers from any app that supports the “share” action

Administrators can now manage their organization's mobile printing needs right in the Simplify Console, streamlining their workflow. This is truly enterprise print management for the modern, digital workspace.


Other Improvements in 6.10

While mobile printing makes up the bulk of this release, there are a few other capabilities and improvements that have been added. These updates improve the integration of Tricerat software into your existing techology stack, as well as coming in handy during normal print/printer management.

We now offer command line refresh of print server agents as the start of a new API/CLI interface. This functionality will be expanded with more capabilities in version 7.

Internet Printing Protocol (IPP) port scan printer discovery is now available for our Simplify Driver Management solution.


Read more at the Tricerat Blog


10ZiG Thin Clients are now secmaker Net iD certified for Citrix and VMware


10ZiG Thin Client and Zero Clients are now certified for pre and post session authentication with secmaker Net iD. 


10ZiG NOS™ Series Zero Clients for Citrix  

The NOS™ Series Zero Clients for Citrix are designed to seamlessly interface with and support Citrix, leveraging the mobility
and flexibility benefts of applications and desktop virtualization offered by Citrix Virtual Desktops & Apps. As a long-standing
partner in the Citrix Ready program, 10ZiG constantly strives to maintain its outstanding reputation for Citrix support. 10ZiG
maintains a dedicated Citrix Ready team, which constantly monitors for new Citrix product releases and product upgrades.
Each Citrix release and upgrade is evaluated for any impact to 10ZiG products, and any necessary supporting changes are
made quickly, assuring that 10ZiG customers continue to enjoy flawless service from their Citrix solutions

Product Data Sheet


10ZiG NOS™ Series Zero Clients for VMware

The 10ZiG NOS™ Series Zero Clients are built and optimized specifically for VMware® Horizon. The NOS™ Series devices are designed to provide a high quality user experience across virtualized desktops and published applications tailored to the Horizon platform and the Blast Extreme, PCoIP and RDP protocols. The NOS™ Series Client lineup provides a choice of hardware options fit for task-workers through the most demanding power-users and offers support for features such as SSL, Smart Card, SSO, RTAV, Skype for Business and more. The NOS™ Series Zero Clients for VMware are also Imprivata® Certified.

Product Data Sheet


About Secmaker

SecMaker is a trusted supplier of security solutions based on certificates and PKI. 

Our Net iD product family protects and safeguards information, systems and data traffic for more than one million users. SecMaker has attained over 20 years a collection of unique, cutting-edge skills in IT security, authentication and PKI.

Find out more here



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