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Downloadable storage performance

Buy disk when you need capacity.
Try Infinio when you need performance.

Infinio is the most cost-effective way to add storage performance to your virtualized data center.

Designed for VMware administrators, Infinio's innovative content-based architecture makes all your VMs faster with:

  • no disruption
  • no changes to your datastores
  • no additional hardware


Do more for your enterprise applications

Get SSD-class performance without SSDs. Infinio gives you more application performance from your existing storage without adding SSDs or any other new hardware.

Don’t rip and replace your old arrays. Infinio’s software-only server-side caching extends the life of your storage, letting you put off your next disk purchase, and still improve your users’ experience.


Do more for your virtual desktops

In a virtual desktop environment, Infinio makes your desktops run faster, your storage run smoother, and supports more desktops so you can spend less on VDI. 

With Infinio, your users’ experience is more stable and consistent, increasing VDI adoption across your organization.



Distributed. Deduplicated. Designed for RAM

Infinio creates a shared cache using just 8 GB of idle RAM from each server. Our innovative, content-based design means content is globally deduplicated across the cluster, giving you a much larger effective cache size. In a 5-host cluster, the 40 GB you give Infinio can perform like 200 GB. This enables Infinio to run exclusively in RAM, avoiding the complexities and cost of SSDs and flash devices.


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