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Endpoint Data Protection

Keeping Your Files Safe At The Source & Beyond

Why Endpoint Data Protection Helps You

By backing up your data, you’re taking a precaution to ensure your corporate files don’t vanish. To that end, data backup to secure cloud servers may be effective, but transmitting enterprise files from your computers (endpoints) to the cloud creates an opportunity for data loss, leakage or theft while in transit and while stored in the cloud.

When you don’t secure data at the source, your information becomes vulnerable.


Continuous Data Protection: Securing Files At The Source, Protecting Them To The End

When you’re backing up files on a cloud server, file encryption typically takes place on the server itself. This means anyone interested in siphoning your data just has to position themselves between your endpoints and the cloud server to gain access to your unsecured files in transit.

With Vaultize’s Vault KNOX security, you’re capable of securing your data at the source with military-grade encryption. As files get transferred to the cloud, sophisticated SSL and OAuth technologies ensure your data stays secure en route. Then, once inside the cloud server, another layer of protection is added onto the already encrypted data.

Protecting data at the source, in motion and at rest results in the continuous data protection necessary to ensure complete enterprise file security.


The Beauty Of Backup

With your files safely secured and backed up to any of Vaultize’s flexible deployment options, you can rest easy, knowing that if one of your computers crashes your data can be restored.

Vaultize facilitates policy-based backup of data on users’ endpoints, performs efficient versioning of files and provides multiple ways to self-restore. This includes backup of open files and large-size files (like Outlook PST). With content-aware de-duplication of files at the source, you’ll end up transferring less data, thus using less bandwidth and storage space in the process. For roaming user devices the backup can be performed without the need of VPN.


Policy-Based Backup, Encryption & Wiping

With Vaultize’s policy-based file and folder encryption on Windows endpoints, your on-disk data is protected from unauthorized access in the event that an endpoint device is compromised, lost or stolen. Vaultize’s selective encryption features ensures devices don’t get weighed down by a full disk encryption unless it’s necessary.

Additionally, Vaultize’s enterprise wiping feature allows administrators to securely erase corporate data from any device using military-grade techniques. The selective wiping feature is especially useful for companies operating in a bring-your-own-device (BYOD) environment.

Vaultize can also track the geographic locations, IP addresses and various other parameters of all types of devices, allowing administrators to track the devices and also set policy to automatically wipe the corporate data when a device goes to a certain IP or geography.

Endpoint Data Protection Features & Benefits

  • Efficient endpoint backup over WAN without the need of VPN
  • Smart de-duplication saves up to 90 percent bandwidth and storage
  • WAN optimization saves up to 90 percent bandwidth
  • Powerful “exclude” and “include” filters
  • Web access to files and versions
  • Ability to self-restore a version, a folder or a point in time in copy
  • Support for open files (including Outlook PST)
  • Efficient, selective encryption: less device-intensive than full disk encryption
  • Leverages time-proven technology of Windows Encrypting File System (EFS)
  • Ability to track the last few IP addresses and geo-locations of every device
  • Military-grade remote data wiping techniques safeguard against device loss and employee turnover
  • Policy-based automatic wiping if device leaves a pre-defined geography or IP range (geo-fencing)
  • Selective wiping of files and folders based on patterns and types (useful for BYOD)
  • Reports, alerts and notifications for violations

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