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IT needs security. protected-networks.com provides security. The software defines information technology and security in a different way. The focus of the company is not only security, but the acceptance by the user and therefore its efficiency. The idea of a user centric access rights management solution was born in the second half of 2007 and beginning of 2008 by analyzing customer needs. In the following year, we developed the first prototype, working closely with our customers. After founding  the company in January 2009 and being granted financing through our investors, protected-networks.com developed and presented the first finished solution in the third quarter of 2009.

Complete security

The company sees its strengths in the development of a homogenous and integrated solution, which combines several functionalities and changea the way in which access rights management is traditionally approached. Our solution is strongly orientated along best practice business processes and individual use cases. New ways of presenting information, reducing functions and information to the essential and a strong user orientation differentiate the solution against other players in the field.

Behind the scenes

The founding team has a wealth of experience in the areas of IT security, product realization and marketing. We also have an extensive background from a variety of of companies regarding access rights management. With a team of developers that has already proven its capabilities and expertise in various areas of the ICT segment, protected-networks.com covers all competencies that are needed for a scalable and performant solution in this area.

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