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Do you want to avoid weeks or months of pain deploying a complicated virtualization and cloud management solution?

Embotics vCommanderTM enterprise-class Cloud Management Software, is a Cloud Management Platform (CMP) that empowers businesses to leverage a comprehensive set of multi-hypervisor virtualization and cloud management capabilities.

Embotics vCommander is an easy-to-use, platform-neutral CMP with the fastest time-to-value in the industry—it can be implemented within one hour. It allows IT organizations to deliver IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS) from a single console while continuously monitoring resources to optimize the automation, deployment, and configuration of IT services across private, public and hybrid clouds.

After more than seven years in business and hundreds of deployments across a wide range of small to large scale enterprises, Embotics’ patented software has proven itself to be stable, scalable and mature—it enables a pragmatic approach to cloud computing that delivers an immediate ROI.

Embotics vCommander offers five solutions tailored to your organization’s specific needs:



Hybrid Cloud Automation

Are cloud management solutions too complex and costly for you?

With our Embotics vCommanderTM Cloud Management Software platform you’ll get a fast time-to-value and easy-to-use solution that enables self-service and provisioning automation. All can easily be tailored to the unique needs of your business.

Cloud Automation is a cost-effective solution that delivers virtualization and cloud management capabilities in a single, integrated software package. Embotics vCommander provides all the features you need to manage your on-premise cloud and their underlying virtual resources, as well as your Amazon public cloud—you don’t have to buy multiple products.

You’ll receive immediate benefits: Other cloud management and provisioning solutions require extensive customization, implementation and training. vCommander installs in 15 minutes and provides immediate ROI—it can demonstrate value to all stakeholders within hours, and it can pay for itself in a day.


Cloud Automation Features

With our enterprise-class Cloud Automation solution, you’ll reduce complexity, receive easy-to-use automation, scalability and reliable performance. Features include:


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Lab Management

Do your users get infrastructure and services provisioned at the speed in which they need them, or is it a lengthy and complex process?

With Embotics vCommanderTM you can empower your users by providing a self-service experience that allows them to scale up and scale down resources where authorized.

You can save time by automating the repetitive process of platform and software provisioning. Most importantly, the organization can provide an environment for agile innovation.

Benefits of our Lab Management solution include the ability to rapidly set up multiple test and development environments, to provision any environment with a click of the mouse, and to reduce test lab capital and operating costs. Additional capabilities include the ability to deploy fenced network configurations, leverage workflows so that users can share VMs with one another, and specify resource or cost quotas for your various groups.

Lab Management Features

With our enterprise-class Lab Management solution, you’ll implement automated lifecycle policies for decommissioning, curbing sprawl; you’ll have increased density and utilization of your existing virtual infrastructure; and you’ll standardize offerings for the development, test and quality assurance community. Features include:


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Microsoft Hybrid-IT

Using VMware? Are your costs spiraling out of control? Need help rationalizing alternative hypervisor adoption?

If you can’t make an independent and rational economic validation of your new hypervisor/cloud platform options, then you’ll negate any potential cost savings.

Embotics vCommander™ can deliver detailed workload cost comparisons, including ancillary support costs, to determine the cost savings derived from transitioning from VMware to Microsoft Hyper-V.

Embotics vCommander for Microsoft Hybrid-IT

With our enterprise-class solution for Microsoft Hybrid-IT you’ll be able to build independent, standardized cost models, and apply them in real time to your VMware infrastructure, making effective cost comparisons easy and helping you choose the right platform.

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Virtualization Management

Are capacity management, virtual machine (VM) lifecycle management, or change and configuration management a challenge in your virtual infrastructure?

With Embotics vCommander™ enterprise-class Cloud Management Software, you can easily manage your environment and increase your virtual management maturity. Through a combination of real-time discovery and analysis, policy automation, and a library of customizable reports, you’ll fully optimize your virtualization purchases.

In addition, if you plan to provide cloud-based services today, next month, or next year, increasing your virtual maturity is a key prerequisite along the route. When you’re ready, vCommander can help you start the journey and provide a seamless path throughout.

Our zero-footprint, non-disruptive and nonintrusive Virtualization and Cloud Management software platform takes control of your virtual data center in less than 24 hours. You can download it and try it yourself—time to value is one hour and it’s easy to try.

Virtualization Management Features

With our enterprise-class Virtualization Management solution, you’ll improve efficiency, reducing costs and complexity while optimizing planning and growth. Features include:


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For Managed Service Providers

Do you want to maximize profits while accelerating your clients’ adoption of virtualization and ITaaS/cloud based infrastructure and services?

With Embotics vCommander™ enterprise-class Cloud Management Software you’ll get a fully customizable solution, which contains all the features you need in one integrated software package.

We provide your team with everything they need to quickly and efficiently build cloud services for your customers. By leveraging our ability to contextualize workloads, we help you serve multiple customers, supporting isolation, collaboration and shared resources as required.

Managed Service Providers (MSPs) are uniquely positioned to augment existing investments in people, processes and technology. Now is the time for MSPs and hosting companies to offer a wider range of services tailored around cloud enablement to take advantage of emerging market dynamics.

Our technology has built-in best practices and flexible, easy-to-use policy, workflow and automation capabilities. As well, our cost-effective licensing, coupled with our “everything you need” technology, ensures your platform investment is minimal, making you profitable from the start.


Managed Service Features

With our enterprise-class Managed Service Providers solution, you can rapidly deliver customized services to your clients: Embotics vCommander offers “out-of-the-box” solutions, containing all the features you need in one integrated software package.



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