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- Improves system stability and reliability
- Speeds logon time
- Enhances user satisfaction
- Saves administrative time and effort
- Reduces support cost


- Lack of operating system tools to properly maintain application registry

- Roaming Profiles Increase Logon Time Frustrating Users

- Corrupt Profiles Prevent User Access to Key Applications

- Mandatory Profiles Erode User Satisfaction and Productivity

- Scripted Registry Edits Reduce System Reliability

- Ineffective Controls Increase Security Risk

- Application SILO environments roam unnessesary profiles data between servers




- Use Mandatory profiles and keep your settings using triCerat Hybrid profile solution.
- Set, Delete and save/restore registry values.
- Copy, move and delete files and folders at login / logout.
- Registry Change detection tool helps you understand where applciations store their settings (RegDiff)
- Roaming Profiles migration tool
- Saved profile data editor and reader (triReg)
- Common policy templates included
- Active Directory integration using LDAP to allow assignments based on server, user, group and container objects as well as client IP address and IP Address range.
- Supports role based delegation using Microsoft Authorization Manager.
- Auditing feature enable you to track assignments and object changes.
- Supports Windows Workstations VDI and Terminal Server / Citrix
- Now supports concurrent licensing as well as server licensing.
- Support Windows 2003/2008/2008R2, Windows XP/Vista/Win7
-32 bit and 64 bit compatible

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