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Infinio Accelerator

Infinio Accelerator provides software-based storage acceleration that boosts performance by 10X cost effectively and non-disruptively.  While hardware solutions can be expensive and complex, Infinio creates a shared, deduplicated cache from small amounts of RAM in your hosts to increase storage performance. You’ll make no changes to VMware operations or your storage configuration, continuing to rely on shared storage arrays for capacity. With Infinio, improve application performance, keep your existing storage for longer, and refresh your arrays at a significantly lower cost. 

Storage Acceleration

Infinio Accelerator offers a non-disruptive and cost-effective way to solve storage performance problems. Rather than adding SSDs or flash devices, or upgrading to all-flash arrays or hybrid arrays, increasing more rganizations are choosing Infinio’s storage acceleration.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Faster storage performance – 10X latency improvements
  • Ability to extend the life of existing storage systems
  • Better storage economics when it’s time to upgrade storage

All in a solution that is incredibly simple to evaluate, implement, and use.
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How it Works

Starting with just 8GB of RAM from each host, Infinio creates a global deduplicated cache.  Installed and operational in just 30 minutes, Infinio doesn’t require any additional hardware or cause any downtime.  The solution is:

  • Completely non-disruptive to install
  • Easily managed with single-click operations
  • Transparent to your storage configuration




Architecture for Performance

The secret to Infinio’s value lies in our innovative design. Combining a deduplicating architecture with a distributed, scale-out design, Infinio improves performance using existing resources.  

This architecture enables:

  • An effective cache size several times the physical RAM allocation
  • Performance resources that grow at the same pace as your applications
  • An internal design that optimizes performance



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