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Virtual Machine Management

Simplify the Management of your Virtual Machines

Managing virtual assets throughout their entire lifecycle – from the initial request and provisioning, to setting and enforcing configurations, assigning ownership and access, and optimizing capacity and performance – can be a daunting challenge, but essential to avoiding sprawl and keeping your virtual environment well managed and optimized.

Introducing Embotics Virtual Machine (VM) Management

The term “VM lifecycle management” is typically associated with a difficult and prohibitively time-consuming project. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Embotics V-Commander simplifies and automates many lifecycle activities leading to greater operational efficiency

Embotics V-Commander VM Management Features:

  • Create policy-based lifecycle automation and decommissioning workflows
  • Assign ownership of a VM to one or more individuals
  • Provide VM owners with automatic notifications of a VM’s pending expiry, with one-click lease extension
  • Enforce authorizations and approvals over the creation of new VMs


Embotics V-Commander VM Management Benefits:

  • Improve Efficiency: Unified management and control across all virtual environments combined with world class reporting, provides a single pane of management glass.
  • Reduce Costs: Real-time discovery and resource awareness, end to end lifecycle management and sprawl detection improves the utilization of your environment.
  • Reduce Complexity: Real-time change monitoring, configuration discovery, tracking, and drift analysis simplifies troubleshooting, improves consistency and reduces incidents.
  • Optimize Planning & Growth: Integrated trending and forecasting combined with capacity and performance planning insight ensures that you grow in a controlled and cost effective manner.

View the Embotics V-Commander VM Lifecycle Management video

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