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Vault KNOX Security & Privacy

Military-Grade Endpoint Encryption And De-Duplication


Guard Enterprise Data 

Vault KNOX technology uses a U.S. patent-pending methodology to perform military-grade encryption of your data together with de-duplication on user devices at the source itself.

Vaultize’s unique data containerization process provides unprecedented security down to the file level, liberating users form relying on third-party security protocols.


Protect Data At The Source

Enjoy end-to-end security with full control of encryption keys and a powerful suite of administrative controls.

Vaultize performs military-grade encryption of data on user devices before it’s sent out. Combined with on-storage endpoint encryption on Windows laptops and containerization on mobile devices, this guarantees end-to-end enterprise file security with the ability to remotely wipe data. 

Vaultize allows corporate IT to own and manage keys through its Data Privacy Option (DPO).


Safeguard Files, Use Less Bandwidth

Own and manage encryption keys to ensure complete safety of data and compliance with data residency requirements. Through its centralized administration console, Vaultize allows corporate IT to manage company-wide policies and settings to attain complete control over unstructured data on all types of devices, and to gain full visibility into the access and sharing of corporate data.

This combination of security, technology and efficiency enables VPN-free access and enterprise file sharing from laptops and mobile devices. Vaultize allows your company to enjoy up to a 90 percent savings in bandwidth and storage space, thereby reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO).


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