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Self-Service Provisioning

  • Publish a Service Catalog and automate your entire service request process.
  • Remove non-virtual infrastructure admins from vCenter or other administrator consoles.
  • Empower end users to manage their own virtual machines (VMs) and services within pre-defined quotas.
  • Tailor your organization’s services to include single VMs, multiple VMs, and fenced applications.

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VM Lifecycle Management

  • Automate lifecycle management and decommissioning with a robust policy engine.
  • Assign correct ownership to your VMs and services.
  • Stop sprawl from creeping into your environment.


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 Lab Automation

  • Leverage resource or cost quotas to limit compute resources available for users or groups.
  • Easy Share capabilities allow end users to quickly share copies of their environments.
  • Use network fencing to deploy multiple isolated copies of services.


Resource Management, Optimization & Capacity Planning

  • Know when you are running out of resources and justify additional hardware purchases.
  • Delay purchases by identifying and reclaiming wasted resources.
  • Make the best VM placement based on available capacity.
  • Optimize resource consumption by leveraging built-in rightsizing recommendations.


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Chargeback & IT Costing

  • Assign and track virtual asset costs in real time.
  • Provide end users with cost transparency and showback or chargeback, enabling archiving, placement and budgetary planning.
  • Report on virtual infrastructure costs and growth trends.
  • Compare the costs of deployment between different private and public clouds.


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Reporting, Analytics & Visualization

  • Acquire fully customized advanced search and reporting capabilities to meet all your reporting needs.
  • Access with a single click an extensive library of out-of-the-box and best practice reports covering virtualization and cloud management.


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Comprehensive Cost Modeling 

  • Quickly create independent cost models for multiple hypervisors and clouds for effective workload cost comparisons.
  • Provide decision makers and stakeholders with cost transparency for informed budgetary planning.
  • Assign ancillary costs such as support, monitoring, patch management, etc., to VMs.


Asset & Workload Discovery

  • Easily discover all VMs that are managed and unmanaged.
  • Track VM lineage for out-of-process activities that increase risk and inefficiency.
  • Report on virtual infrastructure costs and growth trends.


Workload Context and VM Inventory Alignment

  • Leverage existing external meta-data and context from external sources for enhanced business and operational reporting.
  • Detect inventory discrepancies and inconsistencies that increase risk and costs.


Workload Rightsizing and Migration

  • Easily identify over provisioned workloads to ensure cost-effective capacity planning for workload migration.
  • Repurpose underutilized resources to support new hypervisor adoption without new investments.
  • Virtual-to-Virtual (V2V) workload migration to transition between hypervisor platforms.


Economic Comparisons and Rationalization 

  • Provide workload cost comparisons, including ancillary support costs, to determine cost savings derived from hypervisor/cloud transitioning.
  • Rationalize multi-hypervisor, private cloud and Hybrid-IT adoption through reclamation, optimization and workload migration


Inventory, Change & Configuration Management 

  • Continuous discovery, tracking and analysis of virtual assets and configurations.
  • Identify, report and issue alerts on out-of-process activities and changes, providing immediate insight into where your processes break down.
  • Generate real-time information on your configuration items: What has changed; who made the change; did the change adhere to internal processes and procedures.


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Delegated Administration & Distributed Operations

  • Remove non-virtual infrastructure administrators from VMware vCenter™ or other administrative consoles.
  • Authorize end users to carry out self-service management tasks, tailored specifically to your organization’s processes.


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Governance, Tracking & Compliance

  • Provision from standard images and templates, eliminating non-approved configurations.
  • Automate your entire IT service request process, ensuring compliance with corporate standards.


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White Label Branding

  • Deliver IT services through a corporately branded self-service portal.


Service Offerings

  • Identify and document your clients’ virtualization and cloud maturity (readiness).
  • Quantify improvements in IT service delivery times.
  • Deliver fully operational best-in-class cloud automation.


Snapshot Management

  • Delegate snapshotting to self-service users so they can leverage this powerful capability.
  • Gain control of your snapshots through complete detailed reporting.


Multi-Hypervisor and Cloud Management

  • Get fully integrated multi-hypervisor management and cloud capabilities.
  • Receive an unbiased view of reporting and costing, and ensure IT admin and end user decisions are tailored to your specific environment.
  • Receive support for the leading hypervisor and cloud platforms: VMware ESX/ESXi, Microsoft Hyper-V, Amazon EC2.


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