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Tricerat Support

Please look in the knowledgebase for a solution to you problem.
Some info for new users seen below.

You can also visist http://www.tricerat.com/ and select the support section or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  


Software Download

In order to download software you will need to register an account.
You can register to download from Our Download Section or from Tricerat Download Page.


30-Days Trial

The software you download is fully functional for 30-days from the day of installation.

We do not recommend testing the software on production servers.

Your users will see a trial license pop-up window for 10 seconds that they can then close, that is the only limitation in the trial software.

Once you have evaluated the software you can purchase a license and turn your trial server into production.


Licensing Explained

All triCerat products are licensed per node (server or workstation), come with a 30-day trial, and rely on
three fields:

Serial Number - This key uniquely identifies an individual license for triCerat products.
Machine ID - A value that uniquely identifies the machine.
Activation Code - A value that activates a specific license for a specific machine. This value is generated based on the Serial Number and Machine ID, so if the machine ID changes then the Activation Code must be regenerated to activate the license.
triCerat License Models

  • Fixed Licenses - Original license model for triCerat products, requires administrator to manually track and activate products.
  • Concurrent Licenses - utilizes the new Simplify License Server to "check out" and "check in" licensesautomatically, ideal for Provisioning and VDI environments.
  • Distribution Licenses - utilizes the new Simplify License Server to permanently check out licenses to a node. This model is the same as the standard fixed license model, with added automation for easier administration.

You can read more about licensing in this PDF


License Activation

All triCerat products can be activated with the Web Activation form:
Activate Now


License Re-Activation

If you have re-installed your servers you may need to re-activate your license.
Re-activation Now

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