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Performance Flexibility with StrongBox XpanDisk

StrongBox XpanDisk extends the nearline capacity of your StrongBox NAS. Each XpanDisk module can support up to 45 drives with various drive capacity options to scale from 18TB to 1.4PB of usable disk storage. This provides more usable capacity for nearline storage, offering faster access to stored data.

StrongBox’s tunable policies blend the cost-effective reliability of LTO tape with the speed and agility of disk in one seamless storage platform.

What is StrongBox XpanDisk?


StrongBox XpanDisk is a seamless addition to the StrongBox NAS, allowing users to add the right amount of disk for nearline storage along with the intrinsic archive capabilities of StrongBox.

Key Benefits


  • Nearline data access for users and applications
  • Best cost/GB
  • Hot-swappable disks and drives for maximum uptime
  • Tunable policy-driven data performance optimizes storage ROI
  • Built-in data protection – no backup needed!


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