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Unicef Jul 2018

Business Use Cases for the Strongbox Solution

Cost-effective long-term preservation

The explosion of digital information puts ever-increasing pressure on IT teams to do more with less. In a world where “keep everything, forever” is the mantra of many, new archiving and protection strategies that deliver lower costs and simpler management become imperative.

StrongBox provides a new way to leverage cost-effective LTFS tape media as a fully accessible, online storage solution.

Discover the opportunities to:


  • Reduce TCO
  • Simplify long-term retention and management
  • Protect data with long-term reliability
  • Access data seamlessly from a shared NAS


Alleviate backup using StrongBox

Up to 90 percent of enterprise data isn’t accessed more than once, but still needs to be stored and protected long term. Protection typically involves backing up data to meet disaster recovery needs. But, inactive data that remains on primary storage media devours costly network, computing and power resources, while bogging down backup processes and straining the overall infrastructure.

Now you can simplify your backup process by moving fixed content into a StrongBox. StrongBox data is automatically protected, meaning that it doesn’t need to be backed up.


  • Remove 50-80% of data from your backup cycles
  • Protect data automatically
  • Maintain access to data, unlike traditional offline backup copies
  • Meet backup window and SLAs

How does tape solve the unstructured data backup problem? Read this white paper to find out.


Click here to learn more about using StrongBox to alleviate backup challenges.

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