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Faster storage performance  

Separating performance from capacity enables Infinio to deliver a significant boost in storage performance without the disruption or the cost of a new storage vendor or architecture. Infinio uses idle memory from ESX hosts to create a global deduplicated cache. By serving requests from cache rather than from storage, storage response time can be improved by up to 10x. Due to Infinio’s ability to eliminate peaks and make performance more predictable and consistent, end users notice immediate performance “smoothing.” Better user experience is key in environments such as virtualized desktops, where a project can be derailed when system response times are too long.

Extended life for your storage

Because Infinio is serving requests from cache, fewer IOPS need to be sent to the storage system. With an average of 65-85% of read requests being offloaded from storage arrays, the array is available to support additional applications. You may be able to keep existing storage longer, or support larger workloads on new deployments at a lower cost. Because performance is added on the server-side via a global, deduplicated caching layer, IT managers can manage storage performance independently from capacity, choosing the best solution for each.     

Simple to evaluate, implement and use

Infinio can be installed and operational in under 30 minutes with no reboots or downtime. Installation takes your vCenter credentials, then just a few clicks later you're ready for accelerated performance. With no disruption to your storage, your applications, or your virtual desktops, it's easy to get started. Once running, Infinio makes it simple for VMware administrators to track progress with “at-a-glance” statistics that show Infinio’s impact on the entire environment, with a single-click access to more detailed statistics on the performance of each datastore and virtual machine. Infinio’s interface is intuitive, requiring no special skills or training.  If your evaluation ends or your environment changes, it’s just a few steps to remove Infinio – with no disruption.

Complete operational transparency 

With Infinio, there are no changes to your existing storage environment. All the value in your storage array keeps working for you as it always has. Your datastore configuration, snapshot and replication setup, backup scripts, capacity reporting, and integration with VMware features like VAAI and vMotion all remain the same. Even during operations like putting a host into Maintenance Mode or applying a patch, everything will continue to work without any changes to how you’re used to running things. 


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