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  • Reduce Printer Support and Cost: Eradicates the need to manage printer drivers on the server and enable users to print from whichever device that has the agent installed.
  • Granular Print Management: Different server configurations can be assigned based on user, group, OU etc. from the Simplify Console, which is integrated into the Active Directory (AD).
  • Increased Server Performance and Reliability: The printer driver is optimized for a multi-user environment and has a small footprint on the server, eliminating spool crashes caused by incompatible printer drivers. Server performance is enhanced as only one driver needs to be loaded on the server. TMF streams the print job to the printer during the spooling process, which eradicates the print spool file spikes on the network that affect performance.
  • Easy Installation: Simplify Printing and ScrewDrivers are simple yet powerful solutions that install and configure with ease, resolving printing problems quickly and permanently with minimal effort.
  • Increased User Satisfaction: Workers get fast print jobs from any device and can access printer functionality from any location.
  • Reduces Human Error: Multiple printer naming options reduce waste and sensitive documents from being printed in the wrong location.
  • Printing for Roaming Users: Printers can be assigned to a client IP range, giving roaming users access to the nearest printer at any time.
  • Printing for Any Device: Print server support enables users to print from any device, including thin clients and smart phones.

Simplify Printing or ScrewDrivers?

ScrewDrivers is a standalone product as well as being included with Simplify Printing, virtualizing Windows clients attached to printers. ScrewDrivers is a great point solution for Simplify Printing with additional functionality including printing via a printer server (no client side install), printing to non-Windows clients, Active Directory integration, IP address range printer assignment, and central management from the Simplify Console.


  • SQL Server: used for storing configuration information and hosts the Simplify Database. Not required for ScrewDrivers standalone product.
  • Simplify Suite (Printing): executable installed on each Terminal Server (physical or virtual) that requires Simplify Printing functionality.
  • Simplify Console: maintains connection with SQL server ODBC data source and queries the AD. Installed on the TS or any workstation.
  • Print Server: requires agent install on every print server. Printers need to be installed and connected. Windows Print Cluster is suported.
  • If using client printers, an install on each Windows client is required and this communicates through virtual channels of the ICA or RDP protocols.


Simplify Printing - Print Flow


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