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The Ultimate Printing Solution with Support for Windows Print Servers

Despite the printing improvements that have been made by the major virtualization vendors, printing remains one of the biggest headaches facing system administrators. Printer driver management, 32-bit to 64-bit architecture transitions, and print-related helpdesk calls are but a few of the problems affecting the daily grind of the typical sys admin. From a user’s persepective, inability to print, printing to the wrong location, slow print jobs, and even server crashes greatly affect user experience and productivity and circles back to the sys admin for resolution.

triCerat is the only print solution vendor with a proprietary printing protocol called triMeta Format (TMF), designed to maximize portability, compression, and compatibility in server-based, virtual, and workstation environments. This guarantees 100% printer compatibility and access to the full functionality of any and every printer. Simplify Printing, which includes ScrewDrivers, extends printing capabilities by enabling printing via network print servers, enhanced security and compression, as well as tools specifically designed to help manage a fully customized print environment.
Can you be confident that a print job in your network will be delivered to the correct print location quickly and without risk of a system crash? How do you approach an incompatible print driver in your network? What do you do when a user wants to print remotely from an unrecognized printer or print driver?

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