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The Transparent Plug n' Play Printing Solution
Provide superior document handling and print performance for your business with triCerat's ScrewDrivers. Bring an end to the hassle and aggravation of managing print drivers. Prevent the printing problems that too often lead to increased support costs and the unnecessary consumption of time and effort due to large, burdensome native print drivers.

Invest in the standalone print management solution that will eliminate user frustration and loss of work hours when all print jobs come to a halt.

ScrewDrivers is engineered for remote corporate Windows application delivery environments. Whether you’re using Terminal Services, virtualized desktops, or XP Remote Desktop, ScrewDrivers ensures the user that the correct printer and printer attributes are ready to handle complex remote printing requests.

Some business printing solutions try to slide by, imitating a lowest-common denominator printer driver. Other solutions use programs that result in an overly complicated management system that confuse rather than clarify remote printing to the user. Along with these complexities, these other print solutions sometimes use various formats such as EMF or PDF to achieve printing. ScrewDrivers can overcome the printing limitations of these other solutions regardless of the application or printer driver.

ScrewDrivers is such a simple plug n’ play solution, you can install it and forget that printer problems ever existed. With configuration and management this simple, you can provide users with problem-free remote desktop printing from any application to any printer, using any printer setting, all while going about your day or doing nothing at all.

Supported Environments: Citrix XenApp (aka Citrix Presentation Server), Citrix XenDesktop, VMware VDI, Microsoft Windows Terminal Services, Microsoft XP Remote Desktop

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