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Self-Service Provisioning

Empower Your End Users and Free Up Your Time

IT administrators spend too much time setting up virtual machines for end users. Processing endless user requests for new virtual machines, provisioning OS's, applications, and data require diligence, time and energy. The larger the enterprise, the more human capital required. The longer requests take to fulfill, the more productivity for your enterprise as a whole suffers. Users should be able to request and provision their own server resources, with their own specifications as long as they have approval.

Introducing the Embotics Self-Service Catalog

The Self-Service Catalog is a portal which allows users to choose from a menu, set by the IT Administrator, virtual machine resource configurations with a set of and installed applications.


Embotics V-Commander Self-Service Features:

  • Remove non-VI admins from VMware vCenterTM, while still providing them delegated, restricted privileges
  • Empower end-users to perform VM management tasks (power on/off, drift analysis, etc.) without requiring vCenter accounts
  • Standardize change request processes by enabling end-users to request VMs configuration changes through the self service portal
  • Deliver real-time business level reporting that includes virtual costs, VM performance and trending

Embotics V-Commander Self-Service Benefits:

  • Accelerate the delivery of IT services: Publish standardized offerings to end users through a customizable service catalog, automate the deployment of VMs, while drastically reduce provisioning and approval times
  • Increase accountability and curb consumption through integrated cost visibility
  • Ensure governance and control: roles based access, standardized service catalog ensures build consistency, and IT governance ensures configuration control and audit readiness
  • Eliminate manual, error prone processes through V-Commander's workflow and policy driven automation

View the Embotics V-Commander Self-Service video

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