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For today's messaging administrator, the challenge is clearer than ever.  If a mailbox or e-mail item is deleted, corrupted, or required for HR, Legal, Regulatory, or Business Intelligence, the organization must have the ability to quickly and efficiently Search Exchange to find the required information within a Production Exchange server or from historical Exchange Mailbox & Public Folder Database (EDB) backups or PST files and then restore or extract the data to the appropriate place and format.

DigiScope® provides powerful, yet easy to use Search/eDiscovery capabilities allowing you to run precise searches across multiple Mailbox or Public EDB files at the same time to find, recover, or export specific Mailboxes, Folders, Public Folders, Messages, Appointments, Contacts, Journal Entries, Notes, Tasks, or entire conversation threads in record time.



DigiScope Search/eDiscovery Capabilities

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    • Search Online Exchange Servers 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000 - Mailboxes, Folders, Public Folders and Items.

    • Search Offline Exchange EDBs 2010, 2007, 2003, 2000 & 5.5 - Mailboxes, Folders, Public Folders and Items.

  • Query - Against a specific set of Folders, Mailboxes, or All email related data within:
    • One or Multiple Unmounted Exchange Database (EDB Files).
    • One or Multiple PST files.
    • Live Production Exchange Servers.

  • De-Duplicate - Filter out exact duplicates that exist within other mailboxes or Exchange (EDB) databases.

  • Search Through -
  • All items or only Specific item types like Messages, Appointments and Meetings, Contacts, Journal Entries, Notes & Tasks.
  • Common attachment types like PDF, DOC(X), XLS(X), PPT(X), XML, and other text files.
  • Include, Exclude, or Search ONLY Hard and Soft Deleted Dumpster Items.
  • Archive file formats like ZIP and RAR.
    • Search Protected Documents - Use password lists to open protected attachments.

  • Search Exchange Servers and Offline EDBs for Items -
    • With Keyword(s) within ANY or just specific fields.
    • Only if the Case Matches as entered.
    • With or Without Attachments.
    • Using advanced queries with Regular Expressions

    • Filter by -
  • Date & Time items were Created, Sent, Received, Modified, Date Completed, Due Date, Start & End.
  • Size: Equals, Between, Less than & Greater than.
  • Address Criteria: FROM, TO, CC and BCC.
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